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DS-Huge Closet Cleaning BTSSB, AP, Atelier Perrot, BodyLine....Great Deals Galore!!

Information for Prospective Buyers

Location: San Francisco, Ca 94109

I've run into some money troubles recently, and have decided its time to sell off some of my wardrobe. I've been basically a full time Lolita for the past 3 years or so, and have a massive amount of stuff to sell. All my photos are taken on the same pink flower background. My photography skills are horrible so I've used stock images where possible.

Every Package will come with a special Free Gift!!!

Additional photos and information available upon request.
Items that have been worn or washed and how they were washed is noted. I do not trust dry cleaners as they ruined one of my dresses so I will not dry clean anything until after it is sold, at my expense if requested, I would rather knock off $10 off a price and have seller clean at their discretion. I'm a recent ex-smoker, and some items may have a residual scent.

I prefer to ship US Priority Mail, most items will fit into the medium or large flat rate boxes which means shipping 10.95 or 14.95 in the US with delivery confirmation and delivery in 2-3 days. Other options are available.

US Buyers will get priority as it is much easier for me to ship. I will make things work for international buyers.

First person to make a deal and pay gets the item!!


I'm not responsible for lost or misdirected parcels.

All Prices Include PayPal Fees and are in American Dollars, Shipping is extra. I will combine packages for people desiring multiple items.

Not interested in any trades at the moment.

Item 1.****SOLD****** Brown/Leopard Print Coat Bodyline Size 2L Cost new $63, worn once or twice My Price $40
Stock Image:

Measurements From BodyLine
Size 2L
Length 100cm
Bust 102cm
Waist 88cm
Shoulder length 40cm
Sleeve length 63cm

Proof Pic:

Item 2. Baby The Star Shine Bright Bonnet Hoodies, !!!!BOTH HAVE BEEN SOLD!!!! and Pink New around $100, My price $50 Each
Stock Photos Not available. Red worn several times never washed, Pink/White Never worn. Both bought at Baby Store in SF.

Item 3.BOTH PINK AND WHITE SOLD!!!THANK YOU BUYERS Jackets White and Pink, New around $120, my price $65 Each !!!!!!!!!!!PINK SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
White and Pink both worn several times, Pink has been through the washing machine it is still in perfect condition. Stock pics not available.

Item 4. Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Tie Collar Cutsews, Black, Pink, and White. New Price 8295 Yen ($104.85 US). Black was worn once, Pink and White never worn. My price $75 each. BLACK AND WHITE SOLD!!!!!!
Stock photos:

Proof Pic:

Item 5. !!!!SOLD!!!! Atelier Perrot Black Dress New Cost 22890 Yen or $289.34 US, My price 200. Worn once, in perfect condition. Stock pic:

Proof Pic:

Item 6. Angelic Pretty Sugary Pansy Skirt Mint with Hair Bow New (Skirt 17640 yen $222.95 US) (Bow 3360 yen $42.47 US) my price $200 for the set. Worn once at a meet up, perfect otherwise.

Stock Photo:

Proof Pic.

Item 7. Baby Cafe Red Cream Puff Skirt. New About $160, my Price $125, Worn twice to meet ups and once to work, in perfect condition.
Stock Pic:

Proof Pics

Item 8. !!!!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!!!!Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Pocket Black JSK New about $225, My price $150 I bought this one at the Baby Store 2 1/2 years ago, worn a couple of times in perfect condition.
Stock pic

Proof Pic

Item 9. ****ON PAYMENT PLAN HOLD****Baby the Stars Shine Bright Royal Velvet Antique Jumper Skirt in Green (JSK New 27090 Yen $342.43) (Bow about $65) My price $300 for the set Item worn twice, bought at Baby Store SF in perfect condition.

Stock Photo:

Proof Pic

Item 10. Angelic Pretty Happy Garden Skirt in Pink bought new from Harajuku Hearts in SF for $150, my Price 125. Worn once to meet up in perfect condition.

Proof Pics:

Item 11. ***ON PAYMENT PLAN HOLD***Baby the Stars Shine Bright Carolyne Blouse New 14490 yen $183.16 US, My price $135 Bought at Baby store in SF, worn once with Royal velvet JSK up top, has a sheen and is so luxurious.

Stock Pic:

Proof Pic:

Item 12. !!!SOLD!!!!Baby the Stars Shine Bright Blue Tartan Two Pocket JSK, Bought used on EGL Sales, I wore a few times, still in decent shape, my price $65.

Proof Pic:

Item 13. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pink Tartan Two Pocket JSK, Bought used on EGL Sales, I wore a few times, still in decent shape, my price $65.

Proof Pic:

Item 14. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Black/White JSK Bought from Baby Store in SF awhile ago, most of been about $200 new. My price $125. Pics Below:

Item 15 **BLACK FLORAL SOLD**BodyLine Floral JSK Pink Size M, and Black Sized T2L. Measurements from BodyLine Both worn a couple of times, $25 each.
Length 94cm
Bust 80-96cm
Waist 72-86cm

Length 102cm
Bust 88-104cm
Waist 80-94cm
Stock Pic:

Proof Pics

Thanks for Looking I hope you can help me find my pretties a great new home....

More great deals to come really soon...

UPDATE! My Merry Pagoda Parasol, Fairy in the Forest Skirt, Yellow Carasual Skirts, Beauty and Rose Promise Stuff, Cherry Snow Bunnies in Sax have all been sold off my Flickr
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