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WTB: Meta Berry Stripe Skirt, Perfume Bottle Skirt, Etc!

☆ I live in Sweden.
☆ Payment is done through Paypal.
☆ I'm 5'0" tall, with a 65cm waist.
☆ Feedback:


I'm looking for some more skirts today. :) I've put them in order how much I want them. I only want the colorways specified for these.

Feel free to offer me any other skirts you may have, but please no Sugary Carnivals, Memorial Cakes, Cherry Berry Bunnies, Dreamy Dollhouses or similar OTT Sweet prints. Also, brand only.

1. Metamorphose: Berry Stripe Frill Skirt (Black) (Photo: Elerronyar)

My dream skirt. :) I'm really hoping to find this one.

2. Metamorphose: Perfume Bottle LP Skirt (Black) (Photo: ? ^^;)

I think this was an LP-only skirt.

3. Metamorphose: Strawberry Cream Skirt (Black)

4. Angelic Pretty: Candy-chan on a Walk Skirt (Red)

5. Angelic Pretty: Twinkle Tartan Skirt (Pink)

6. Angelic Pretty: Lacy Bright Skirt (Black)

7. Angelic Pretty: Symphony Frill Skirt (Black)

8. Angelic Pretty: Ballerina Print Waist Lace-Up Skirt (Black)

Imai Kira. <3
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, metamorphose
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