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DS: Aristocratic stuff, corsets, h.Naoto long skirt. Plus Metamorphose Room Print SK

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Shipping from the US, all prices include shipping!
VERY WILLING TO HAGGLE :D Don't like the price? Give me an offer! I need this stuff out of here!

This is a small part 2 of my closet cleaning, a few aristocratic pieces and a Meta skirt I've been waffling on selling!

Metamorphose Room Print Skirt in white. 
I love this skirt, but I never wear it :( It even has pockets!Elastic waist stretches pretty darned far. Fits very comfortably a 30" waist, could stretch more, but the belt that goes over it might not fit more than that.

Jupiter Moon 3 Black Corset.
Worn. Steel boned underbust corset, a bit of a longer line, good for those with longer torsos. Faux lacing up the front and a ruffle of lace at the bottom, the ruffle is more of a folded over ruffle of flat lace, due to a mis-communication between me and the seamstress, but it still looks awesome anyways. Made to fit me at 30", so closed it is about 28".

Lip Service Red Corset
Closeup. Plastic boning, lace up front and a zipper in the back. Fit's about a 28-29" waist, can go larger due to the lacing. Plastic boning isn't meant for shaping and reduction, but I wear them over steel boned corsets to make them look sleeker and more like real corsets, I've only worn this one briefly, and it was over a steel boned corset so the plastic bones aren't warped at all like a plastic corset normally would after wearingThere was a black rose brooch on the big black bow, but I didn't want to crush the rose in storage and ended up loosing it. If I find it, I'll gladly send it with the corset! The fabric is a sort of red/black 2-toned and textured fabric.

h.Naoto long skirt.
Other side. Such a versatile skirt! The back has a sort of shredded fabric bustle, but you can wear it any way you want as each side looks very different, and it has a line of s-hooks in 2 places so you can hitch the hem up if you want. I think this is Dark Red Rum, so as is typical for Naoto's DRR line, this piece is very deconstructed, lots of raw edges and tatters! Elastic waist, comfortably fit me at 30", can go smaller or a little bit larger, to about 33" comfortably.

Previous sales post here! Still a couple things left, the handmade JSK and the poodle skirt, both really cheap!
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