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DS: Sugar Pansy JSK (lavendar) & BTSSB Fruits a la Mode & couple other things left~

Hello everyone!

I'm going to be selling most of my lolita wardrobe since I don't feel like they are getting enough love =(. I love the fashion, but I just don't seem to wear it very often and my priorities right now are saving up money to buy a desktop pc for my boyfriend... I'm addicted to world of warcraft, and sadly, I'm a huge gamer nerd so I tend to choose that over being social/going out in lolita =X

My feedback here.

So here are the info/rules if you are interested in any of my items:

1. Paypal only. Buyer will pay the paypal fees if you want to be invoiced, but you can also send it via personal payment if you wish to avoid fees.
2. Sorry- USA buyers only for now. If you're desperate for an item and live overseas, I may consider it though, so you can let me know. I just hate handling the shipping =(.
3. Shipping is included in the prices for US buyers. All packages will be sent with delivery confirmation.
4. Packages will be sent out on the Saturday after I receive your payment (so they will be shipped from the post office Monday).
5. Sales are final- no refunds. I will not be responsible for any lost/damaged items *after* they have been shipped out. Please feel free to ask for more detailed pictures or whatever you need before the items are shipped.
6. If you live in California - Orange County, we could talk about a transaction in person.
7. Sorry, I will not accept any trades except for my dream dress Wonder Party OP/JSK set (>_<).
8. Priority goes to whoever leaves their paypal first. If you have any questions about the item(s) and are really interested in purchasing, please leave your paypal and I will put you in line!
9. Regarding sets: If I get a buyer for all individual items, I will split the set, but priority will go to whoever has interest in the full set first.

Random freebie: I'm wanting to starting to draw again and try selling $5 chibi commissions. However, I need to start off with a sample. The first two people to leave their paypal and actually purchase something from me will get a drawing if they wish :) We can discuss details later! Please let me know in your comment though that you are interested in this freebie- the first 2 to do so will get it after they pay.


AP Cherry Berry Bunny - Yellow
Headbow: SOLD
Socks: SOLD

Pictures: JSK Headbow Socks

Comments: Everything is in good condition, except for the socks which are a little worn out at the bottom. I have personally only used the set outside once.


AP Sugar Pansy - Lavender
JSK: $360
Headbow: $45

JSK + headbow set: $400 PENDING PAYMENT 

Pictures: [One]

Comments: In perfect condition, bought new from AP SF and used only once outdoors. I don't think it suits me so well =(.


AP Sugary Carnival - Pink


Pictures: [One]

Comments: Brand new; I bought this off AP website, but never had the chance to wear it; let alone take it out of the plastic bag D: I think it's too sweet for me.

GLW 2-Tier Pink/Blonde Wig (w/ hairfalls) SOLD

Pictures: [Worn]

Comments: I've only wore this once for a convention on clean hair & wig cap. I bought a different wig from GLW, so I have no need for this one anymore. I can't find a stock picture of this anymore since I think it's discon :(


BTSSB Fruits a la Mode - Red x White
JSK: $150

Pictures: [JSK]

Comments: Bought used, wore it once outside. Doesn't suit me so well :(

AP Headdress- white

Pictures: [One]


Comments: Bought in AP Tokyo, never used.

BTSSB Headbow- white - SOLD
Pictures: [One] [Two]

Comments: Bought used.
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