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DS! 2 Skirts, 1 JSK, 2 Cardigans, & Accessories...cheap!!

*Paypal Only - first person to leave their paypal gets the item.
*I will consider trades, though I prefer money.
*I ship from Maryland, USA, and I ship to both domestic and international locations.
*To calculate shipping, please leave your zip or postal code!*
*Feedback is here!
*Please feel free to make offers.
**If you are going to Otakon, we can arrange a personal pick up**
This will be my proof:

Sailor skirt from Lady Heather's Fashions 
It's either F+F, or a replica of.
I'm selling this for $40.


The skirt opens completely with the row of buttons down the right side (or, the left if you're wearing it). The fabric is very nice and soft, and so is the lace. There is no shirring.

It has a 28 inch (71cm) waist, and it is 21 inches (53.3cm) long with an inch of lace. I have a 24" waist and it sits comfortably just above my hips.

Here is the listing on Fanplusfriend. You can see it's exactly the same, except on mine, between the last button and the start of the stripes is about an inch, while in the stock photos it seems to be about two or three.

I have only worn it a few times; it has been sitting in my closet mostly. It is in like-new condition.

Red skirt by Rakuen. 
This was one of my first lolita items. It will come with a matching headdress!
I am selling this for $35 - SOLD

Please not the skirt is not this bright red! It is a darker red. It has a fully-elastic waist and waist ties. It will fit a large variety of sizes and is very full! The skirt is unlined, but the fabric is quite thick. 

I have a 24" waist and the skirt is a little bit big on me.
The waist measurements are a 28 inch (71cm) waist, and it is 22 inches (56 cm) long. However, it will stretch much, much larger than that.

Here are some detail pictures:
Bow & the lace
Pintucks & ruffles

However, the skirt is not without its damages.
The skirt used to have two rows of three bows, however one of the bows started to fray so I snipped it off, and the other as well to keep it symmetrical. You can see the remains of the bows, however it is not very obvious at all.
Snipped bow #1
Snipped bow #2
Lastly, one of the ribbons that makes the Xs that boarder the dress has come undone. It is in the back, though, and not very noticeable. It is also an easy fix with anyone with some red thread. :D
Undone ribbon

Extra photos:
The Rakuen listing
Worn picture (with the headdress)

Alice Poker Jumperskirt from Fanplusfriend:
I am selling this for $60.

This JSK is sooo light and breezy! The fabric is so soft and summery. The JSK is lined with supersoft dotted chiffon. I am the second owner; the first did not wear it and I have only worn it twice. It is lined, has removable waist ties, partial-back shirring, and the 3 bows can be removed and rearranged. 
This jumperskirt fits me very well at a 32" bust and a 24" waist, but it could go a bit bigger. It is marked as a UK 10/ US 8. With the shirring I'd say it could go another 2-3 inches at the bust & waist so maybe a 35 inch bust max, and a 26 inch waist max. These are just amateur estimates, though!
Here are some detail shots:
This piece does have some minor flaws! They are EXTREMELY hard to photograph - I seriously spent about an hour trying to get all of the flaws to pick up on my camera!
The first time I wore it, I ran it through the wash and it bled. I got most of it out, however there a still a few *minor* marks of light pink left, mostly in the lace of larger waist bow:
Pink Spot 1 (on the end of a waist tie)
Pink Spot 2 (on a waist tie)
Pink Spot 3 (on the back)
Pink Spot 4 (on the front, though the larger spot is covered by the front bow)
Pink Spot 5 (on the back of the waist bow)
Closeup of Spot 5
Spot 6 (on the front of the waist bow)
Those are all the damages that I see. Again, they're pretty hard to see and even more difficult to photograph.
The dress also came with a front ruffle piece, kind of like a yoke, however I no longer have that. Sorry!

Extra Photos:
Worn picture - If you also want my red heart sunglasses along with them, just say. I'll add them for free. :3
Fanplusfriend Listing - Please note, again, the dress will not come with the ruffly chest piece.

Offbrand Faux Fur Cardigan:
I'm selling this for $15.

This cardigan is sooo cute and so soft! It goes just over the bust and is held closed with a hook closure. It's lined with nice satin so it sits comfortably on you. This would be great for someone to add some special touches to!
Please note that this is very small - it is a children's size 12. It fits me well and I have a 32 inch bust and I measure 16 inches from shoulder to shoulder.
It measures 14 inches from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.
Extra photos:
Open (with lining & closure)
Worn photo

Offbrand PinkxWhite Cherry Cardigan
I am selling this for $20. - SOLD
This cardi is sooo cute! White and pink trim, with fabric-covered button closure & adorable cherries on the left breast accented with cherries. I bought this in London, and I love it, but unfortunately it is just too big for me. I have only ever tried it on; it is in flawless condition.
It measures 18.5 inches laid out flat across the bust, so I suppose it could fit up to a 30-35 inch bust. The shoulder measures 9 inches from the top of the shoulder to the bottom. 
Extra photos:
Closeup of the cherries
Button & trim details

Orange Lollipop Necklace from Fanplusfriend
I am selling this for $5 OR $2 with another purchase

An adorable lolipop necklace I got from Fanplusfriend. The strand is made from lace & ribbon and you tie it in a bow in the back with your desired length. The strand measures 29 inches from end to end.

Necklace + the whole strand
Metal Rose Headband from Claire's
I'm selling this for $5.

A very beautiful rose that looks like bronze on a thin headband. This would be great for classic or casual lolita! It is unworn, as it's not my style.
Extra Photos:
Detail of the rose
Situated on a wig & wig head
Okay, well that is everything. :) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I can also take more photos if you so wish. :)
Tags: !ds, fanplusfriend, indie brand, offbrand
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