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Sold Sold~!!

I have a BTSSB WhitexBlack Earmuffs that I would like to put up for trade! I have never worn these, only tried on (It's too hot in South California) and so they are in perfect condition. If I cannot find a trade, I would be willing to part with these for 45 + shipping obo. 
My feedback is here: clicky

Here are more photos:
Link 1 , Link 2

BTSSB Petticoat

Tag Flaw

Fully elastic waistband petticoat from BTSSB, this provides a light poof. Only flaw is that one of the threads snapped along the waistband and the waistband got twisted. The waist measures from 30 - 38 inches MAX. I'd be willing to trade this or sell it for 40 + shipping obo.

I would like to trade/ partial trade them (in order of preference):
1. Usakumya Michelle headdress in either Pink or White 

2. A BTSSB/AP Blouse in Pink/Lavender/Black that can fit a 38 inch bust~
3. BTSSB/AP Headeating printed bows (Jewel Tree Bouquet, Sugary Carnival... etc) (preferably Ivory with Pink or Black and Pink)
4. BTSSB/AP Headdresses~ (something ivoryxpink please!) 
5. OTT Sweet Wigs~ (I really really like CCKids pink/blue mixed wigs, not a fan of split wigs)
6. AP bags 
If you have anything on my wishlist but don't want to trade, please tell me since I'd like to buy any I can't trade~
Thank you!
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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