candy_gram (candy_gram) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Inexpensive/offbrand black/cream blouses and carousel ponies!

Since I had such good luck the last time I posted a WTB a couple weeks ago I thought I'd give it another shot and see if I can find any gems :)

I'm currently looking for black blouses though I will look at cream (please, no stark white) blouses as well. I am NOT looking for anything with a peter pan style collar. I will look at high neck collars but I am especially on the lookout for rounded or square necklines. I am hoping not to spend more than $35 on a blouse so I'm primarily looking for offbrand items.

Next up-carousels! I've caught the carousel bug and I'm looking for anything and everything carousel (primarily in black tones)-from skirts (though I'm looking to spend around $40 max on a skirt), to socks, to jewelry to anything else you can throw at me.

I had a lot of responses last time so I would like to say in advance I thank every one of you even if I can't respond to you all individually.

My feedback:

Tags: !wtb, anna house, any brand, bodyline, handmade, in the starlight, indie brand, offbrand, taobao

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