daidaipocky (daidaipocky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB:Milky Planet Bow,Twinkle Star Bag, and Yellow Lyrical Bunny Back pack.

Hello everyone! I am looking for a couple of items from Angelic Pretty. My feedback is

I am currently looking for the following...

1. Yellow Milky Planet Headbow

Angelic Pretty

I recently found my dream dress but I dont have the headbow. I really want to buy/own/wear it. I will also like the barette off the milky planet skirt if you want to sell it to me. Please help if you can. Thank you!

2. Yellow Twinkle Star Bag

Angelic Pretty
OMG!! I lost this bag twice on the same auction site. =/ I really want this bag. Please let me know if you decide to sell yours. Thanks!

3. Yellow Lyrical Bunny Back Pack(FOUND)

I would also like to own this back pack/bag. Just let me know your price!

Thank you for looking or trying to help me find my wtb's. If you have or know where these items are located please let me know, thank you!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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