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DS: BtSSB, Mary Magdalene, Anna House, Metamorphose, Bodyline, & offbrand!

First, some things to note:
- All prices are in USD and do not include domestic or international shipping.
- I accept Paypal only.
- No holds or payment plans without a nonrefundable 50% or $100 deposit - whichever is lower.
- I am NOT interested in trades.
- Please do not send me any PMs through LiveJournal - if you want to buy something or have a question, please leave a comment. If you want me to screen your comment, I will do so.
- If you have any questions or would like to see more photos of the items, feel free to ask!

My feedback is HERE. More feedback on my etsy page, as well.

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING QUOTES: I don't own a scale, so I cannot provide an exact shipping quote, unfortunately. I will provide an estimate before shipping; if the cost is lower than my quote, I will refund you the difference. If it is significantly higher, I will ask you to pay the difference.

BtSSB Princess Drop 2nd ed. JSK in pink:

Back | Frayed lace | Stock photo

Condition is used, but good. The dress has had a few previous owners, but is no worse for wear. The only visible flaw is a bit of frayed lace by the zipper of the dress. The shoulder straps are elasticized, so you can adjust the way the dress fits your body very easily. The back shirring is fairly generous, as well - I would recommend this for someone with a bust between 34 and 38 inches and a waist between 27 and 34 inches. I wouldn't push the dress much further than that. This is a fairly light dress, so I would recommend wearing it in warmer weather~


Mary Magdalene Albertine OP in dusty rose:

Back | Stock photo

Condition is probably used, but very good. There are no visible flaws (stains, tears, fraying lace, ect) in this dress. I bought it from Y!J through a shopping service, so I'm not sure whether it's been worn before or not - I, myself, have only tried it on. The original measurements are 88 cm bust and 66 cm waist, which I found accurate. There's no shirring, so those are the max measurements. The boatneck and the adorable bustle make this classic dress super-cute!


Anna House high-collar long-sleeve blouse in white: SOLD

Condition is used, but good! No stains, tears, or other flaws - I've only worn this two or three times. The blouse is size M, so it is made to fit a 34-36 inch bust and 28-30 inch waist. Shirring in the back gives the waist some flexibility. Looks great with a high skirt or under a cute jumper skirt~ The blouse also includes a long ribbon tie (not pictured), which I've never used.


Anna House short-sleeve blouse in white: SOLD

Condition is used, but good! No stains, tears, or other flaws - I've only worn this once or twice. The blouse is size M, so it is made to fit a 34-36 inch bust and 28-30 inch waist. There's full shirring all down the back, so I feel like this can stretch a little bigger, too. There's also a hidden zipper on the side which lets you open up the waist portion, so if you've got a large cup size, you should fit into this just fine. Very cute over skirts! The blouse also includes two matching bows on pins (not pictured), which I've never used.


Bodyline Love Nadia high-waist skirt in pink: SOLD

Condition is new with tag. Only taken out to try on (and take photos, of course). I like this piece a lot, but it's not my style. The shirring is adjustable for a waist size between 64 cm and 74 cm.


Offbrand hime-style pink rose heels:

Sides | Soles | A non-blurry photo

Condition is possibly used, but like new. Again, I bought this from a seller on Y!J through a shopping service, so I'm not positive these are new, but I've personally never worn them outside and they are pristine. They match really well with BtSSB's shade of pink - if only I liked sweet lolita, these would be so beautiful with Princess Drop! These are a JP size 23 cm, which is apparently equivalent to a US women's 7 and a EUR 37 - I think they run small, though, because I normally wear a US women's 5.5 and they fit my feet nearly perfectly. Could work on a US women's size 6 foot.


Metamorphose black bling bag:

Condition is new! I've never taken this outside. I am currently storing some of my extra loli stuff in it, though, haha. I debated about keeping it, but I don't really like tote bags, so it's got to go. The sparkly print is awesome and the interior of the bag is lined with leopard-print fabric, which is exponentially awesome - plus, as you can see, you can fit a LOT of stuff in there, which is extra-awesome!

Tags: !ds, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, mary magdalene, metamorphose, offbrand
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