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Very Quick DA: Sleeping Beauty Skirt in Navy

My feedback link:
I am not doing holds right now
Payment by PayPal only
I do not have any pets
Shipping is NOT included, unless stated otherwise.
Please do not comment on this page if you don't intend to buy!
I will be shipping on Tuesday this week.

Today I am selling Alice and the Pirates Sleeping Beauty skirt in navy blue.

It's showing up kind of black, but this is the navy colorway.

Skirt is 52cm in length, 60~75cm waist (has partial shirring in the back)

It's in great condition, comes with the waist ties, bought it secondhand from mbok and only wore it a couple times myself.

I'm starting the bid at $130
Bids are at intervals of $5.
PM'd bids are okay, as long as they're in by 8pm.
BIN Price is $280

EDIT: I made a mistake looking at the date for when the auction would end. I had intended for it to end tonight. I will extend it to Monday night, 8pm, east coast time because of this mistake.
The bidding ends on Sunday, July 18th, 8pm East Coast time. To make this clear, I mean that the last chance get your bid in is at 7:59. At 8pm I will note the highest bidder.
Tags: !da, alice and the pirates

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