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Hi everyone! We'd just like to leave a few brief reminders for all members of the community. If you could take a second to glance this over we'd really appreciate it!

Please familiarize yourself with the community's rules!
Please be aware that not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breadking them. By joining this community, you are agreeing to abide by its rules. If you break the rules, we will be issuing a warning- even if the incident of rulebreaking was due to an accidental oversight on your part. This is not because we're mean, and this is not because we don't like you or have a personal vendetta against you. This is because we enforce the rules equally, to be fair to all members. If you feel that your case is special enough to warrant an exception, you must PM a moderator and receive explicit permission to do so. Please note that we will only make exceptions to the rules in extreme circumstances. This means we won't let you repost an item sans reductions because you really want to buy a dream dress, but we'd probably let you repost an item if you encountered a non-paying or non-responsive buyer.

If you require additional clarification of the rules, please don't hesitate to PM a moderator. We are always happy to help!

Leave feedback correctly!
The new feedback form has been in place for about a month now, so by this point you should be using it and filling it out correctly- it's even posted in the community's header. Please note that we will not be able to add your feedback until you have included all the information that is on the feedback form. Please take special care to add the transaction's URL! Now that LJ has added a "filter by user" option at the top of each community, you can easily search for the seller's post to link.

If you are a shopping service or commissioner, or have purchased from a shopping service or commissioner, please read this post for further details on the procedure you should follow for creating or obtaining a URL.

Protect your personal information!
We encountered an incident several months ago where users' e-mail addresses were culled from public comments made on the sales community. We issued a warning at the time; however, we still see PayPal e-mail addresses being left publicly on the community on a daily basis and we simply don't have the time to screen each and every one. Please take steps to protect both yourself and your buyers by doing the following:
1. Rather than writing your e-mails out (e.g. ""), we advise you to replace periods and the "@" symbol with alternate characters (e.g. "wonderfinch(at)example(dot)com"). This makes it more difficult for automated programs to cull your email address.
2. Protect your buyers' privacy by screening their PayPal addresses. The comment will be visible to both yourself and the buyer who left it, but those with malicious intentions won't see it.
3. Protect your own privacy by keeping tabs on comments in sales posts. If the seller doesn't screen your comment right off the bat, remind them to do so! If the seller doesn't respond to the request or has trouble screening the comment, mods also have the power to do this for you.

And finally, please remember that we're here to help the community's users out. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!
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