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DS: Reduced prices on Victorian Maiden, Jane Marple, BPN, ETC & WTB: hime gyaru wig

Hello everyone!
First off, a few things about my sales:
My feedback  (100% positive) is here:
Price is in USD, and shipping is listed for both the US and overseas.
The first person to leave their paypal (and pay asking price) gets the item.
Measurements are taken flat and doubled, with the shirring fully stretched to get the maximum measurement.  Be careful if you're close to the listed maximum though, since I can't say how well it will actually fit.
You may make a lower offer on an item, but those willing to pay the asking price get priority.

Victorian Maiden Charlotte OP (2001)

$185 $150 shipped in the US
$200 $165 shipped international

stock photo:

proof photo:

bust: 32"-37"
waist: 26-27" (or smaller with waist ties)
total length: 36"-38" (shirred around the neckline)
The dress is fully lined.
The bodice is adjustable smaller with the lacing in front and the waist ties at the back.
It's a rare dress in a rare colorway, fully lined, and still in good condition aside from some small "scratches" in the velvet not visible at a distance.  I'm selling it because it's too short on me and not flattering, as beautiful as it is.  For reference, I'm 5'8" and have a somewhat long torso ^^

Jane Marple wool jsk

$55 shipped in the US
$85 $70 shipped international

bust: 34"
waist: 28"
length: 37"

The dress is fully lined.  It has an invisible side zipper, and has a pocket on the other side.  There is no shirring or waist ties.

Black Peace Now skirt

$90 $75 shipped in the US
$105 $90 shipped international

waist: 24-27"
length: 38"

Emily Temple Cute skirt

$75 $60 shipped in the US
$85 $70 shipped international

waist: 23-26"
length: 19"

GLW black hime-cut wig

shipped in the US
shipped international

stock photo:


Worn once with a wig cap, then combed out with a wig brush - still in great condition.


I'm looking for a black hime gyaru wig such as this one from GLW:

or this one from Cyperous:
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