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DS: 4-Week Repost, New Items and Discounts

Important Info:

*Prices edited to more accurately reflect shipping costs


*All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home
*I am not accepting trades right now, sorry.
*I am not a professional photographer! I do the best I can, but please keep that in mind and don't hate on the pictures and stuff.
*Priority goes those who leave paypal address first and who can pay full price. You may add a paypal address to an inquiry if I've forgotten vital information,  but the sale must be finalized within 24 hours or I will go to the "next in line."
*Shipping is included in the US (please keep this in mind), outside please ask. Insurance is extra, so if you want it let me know!
*I accept reasonable offers, but please keep shipping cost in mind!

I have a few proofs (since some of these items are from older posts): My doggie and pieces of paper with my name. XD

On to the sales!

In The Holic OP Set (Cream) -- $95   $85
Condition: Good. Includes detachable sleeves, OP and bonnet!
Measurements: (I'm guessing on these, since there's no database for it)
Length: 38"
Bust: 38", shirred (42"  MAX)
Waist: About 33" MAX

Offbrand Navy Blue JSK Set (JSK, bow and headband) -- $75
Condition: Used, but still PLENTY of wear left! I've received many compliments on this, but I need the money so I'm selling it. I tacked some red ribbon into it for a Fourth of July meet, but I made it so it can easily come out (there's white ribbon underneath). You can leave it in or out, your choice. ^_^
Bust: 31", shirred and can probably go a bit larger
Waist: 27"
Length: 36"

t's a semi-replica of this jsk from IW (the bustle in the back is white).

I was very picky to find possible flaws, and I found the following (and priced accordingly):

Lace cut (that way when I got it):

Possible stain on neckline (I can't tell, sometimes it seems off-color and sometimes not. NOTE: this jsk has only ever been worn with a blouse underneath, and I've never noticed the 'stain' or tried to get it out.):

ITS "Poofy" Petticoat -- $45

Condition: Very good! Barely worn, it's not my poofiest petti (I like a LOT of poof).
Waist: 30"
Length: 21"


BTSSB Pink LP Bow (modified) -- $25   $20   $18
Condition: Very good! I took out the bottom layer to make it less huge, but I'm including it so it can be easily added back in.

BTSSB Knee Socks -- $20   $18
Condition: Used--good. Well-worn, a little stained on the bottoms but clean and quite a bit of use left in them. Gold embroidery in the toes is intact.

IW Ballerina OTK socks (GreenxCustard) -- $40  $35
Condition: New w/o Tags, only tried on once!

Cyperous Long Wig
  --  $70  $60  $50
Color is a reddish blonde.
Condition: Tried on once, half styled and then straightened again according to Cyperous' method.
Includes a FREE wig stand!

Cyperous Curly Long Wig -- $60

Color is a dark brown.
Condition: Tried on once!
Includes a FREE wig stand

Stock photos and more info here.

BTSSB Gloves -- $30  $25
Condition: Like New! Never Worn

Mint/Violet Pansy Fabric (183" x 54") -- $20
Condition: Like New! The only rub is that I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is...I think some sort of polyester/cotton blend. Not really shiny, nice and sturdy.

Thanks for looking!
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