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DT: Black AatP shoes for other brand shoes, WTB: brand headbows + cutsews

My feedback is here


AatP black Millefuielle shoes in size M (US 6.5~7)

I got these from a Baby shoe LP this winter.  They've been worn a few times but are in good condition.  I recently got a very similar pair in another shoe LP that I decided I liked better, so I want to trade these for a different pair of brand shoes in size M as well.  I prefer to trade them for white shoes, but ivory and brown is good too.  Maybe pink, depending on the style. 

Wanting to Buy-
Headbows!  I generally prefer wired looped headbows that lay a bit flatter against the head instead of the ones that point up.

I am NOT interested in custom/handmade bows.  Do not offer them to me.

In general I'm looking for white and black headbows, maybe a pink as well, but I also have a few print-specific ones I'm interested in buying.

Midsummer Night headbow in black or ivory

St. Mephisto's Cathedrale headbow in iris

Scent of Rapunzel headbow in offwhite

Sugar Pansy headbow in yellow

And I'm needing a few cutsews as well.  Short or long sleeve is fine.  AP, Baby, or IW preferred.  Needs to be able to fit a 34-35" bust.

I'm wanting them to match these two skirts:

Thanks so much!
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