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DS/DT: AP Baniran Low Waist JSK (White)! $130 - Price Lowered.

★ ☆ Info ★ ☆
- I ship from Mesa, Arizona 85214.
- Feedback:
- US buyers/trades preferred due to shipping costs!

- This beautiful White Angelic Pretty JSK was traded to me a while back from a friend. Great condition, except the lace on the bottom of each layer tends to curl up a bit. I don't think it makes any difference in appearance personally --  Light ironing would do the trick! 

 (Me wearing the dress)
(Ignore my petti peeking out on the left! >>)
More info and pictures here: -> hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/jsk/item/263/

Proof: (The ribbons on the back are messily tied.. I apologize >.< Also, the first one was somehow mistaken for being pink  by someone. I can assure you my camera just sucks. ^^)

- You can unbutton the straps in the back and cross them or uncross to your liking. :)

- My measurements are Bust 35in, Waist 28, and I am 5'8", and as you can see it fits me well. Has partial shirring in the back so I think it could go up to around 37 bust comfortably. ^^ 

Trade★ ☆: I am looking for Brand *prints*, and prefer JSKs to OPs, but prefer both of those to skirts as I would like to get an even trade. :) As you may guess, sweet/hime lolita is my favorite style. I would be up to look at a skirt and cutsew set! :) I also dig replicas if you have a set.
 Please no offbrand. 

Sale★ ☆:  I am asking $130 as a 20+% reduction :D
Thank you!!
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