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DS: Leaving Sweet Lolita, Nothing over $70 USD!

+ All my items fit my 38in bust and 36in waist, and hit just above the knee at my height of 5'8" or 172.72cm. I lost a bit of weight so many of these don't fit me anymore.
+ All items are kept in my closet but I do have pets. My cats are never around my lolita clothing very much but you have been warned.
+ Everything item, except for one, has been worn no more than 3 times
+ Prices are not set in stone, feel free to haggle. I really just want to get rid of these
+ Prices INCLUDE shipping if you are a US buyer.
+ No holds for now please
+ No trades
+ Paypal only
+ EGL Feedback here

This is my plushie Black Star. He'll be in all of my proof photos so you know all the items are mine. :]

White Blouse- $15 USD
Condition: 4/5 (A button is loose. I reinforced it, so it shouldn't pop off.)
I bought this on the sales comm a while back. It's offbrand, but I don't remember where that seller bought it. I recommend this for anyone who needs a blouse for hot weather. It's light spring/summer wear.

Purple Floral Skirt- $50 USD
Condition: 5/5
This is a handmade skirt by Jerrysugarv. Her skirt fits up to a 42" waist but please be aware that this skirt has no zipped. It needs to be able to slip on. Also, there are hidden pockets on each side of the skirt.

Strawberry Skirt Set- $60 USD
Condition: 5/5
This is another handmade skirt by Jerrysugarv. Again, this skirt fits up to a 42" waist and has hidden pockets on each side. I bought this as a set so I am selling it as a set. It comes with a headbow to match. The headbow DOES NOT have a headband attached. This skirt doesn't have a zipper as well so it needs to be able to slip on.

Jeweled Rose JSK Set-$60 USD
Condition: 5/5
I bought this on the sales comm a while back. I don't remember who's it was, but I believe I am the second owner. This is a light spring/summer JSK, perfect for hot weather. The JSK is not lined so it allows the fabric to breathe. It comes with a headbow, head band attached.

Pink Tartan Skirt- $45 USD
Condition:Never Worn, 5/5
This is a handmade skirt by Jerrysugarv. I absolutely love it, but I don't have an interest for it in my wardrobe anymore. I'm hoping someone else will be interested in giving this skirt a home! This skirt has hidden pockets on the side. The bow on the skirt is detachable.

DOL, Fantastic Dolly Replica- $50 USD
Condition: 4/5, for whatever reason the print is not sealed in very well on this OP. I discovered this while ironing it. I spot cleaned out what bled very thoroughly. I haven't pictured it below since I can't find where it used to be on the dress.

Infanta Chandelier OP- $55 USD
Condition: 4/5
This dress is made of velveteen. It's very beautiful with a petticoat underneath it. There are corset-like ties on the back so this dress can adjust to a smaller waist size.

KStar Sweet OP- $49 USD
Condition: 5/5
It's just a little too short for me. I like skirts to hit above the knee and no higher. This OP hits about mid-thigh range. The measurements I gave for myself, I would say, are the MAXIMUM measurements for this dress. I'd suggest having a slightly smaller waist. It felt a little tight when I was wearing it, but not uncomfortably so. There are waist ties for this dress to make it smaller. :]

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, *plus size, *replica, handmade, offbrand

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