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DS: Offbrand, Alice and the pirates, secret shop, Demonia, Magazine

I ship from the UK
All prices are in GBP
Sizes are UK sizes, please refer to conversion chart
Prices do not include Shipping or PP fees.
If anyone has any questions please dont hesitate to ask!

Feedback is here: feedback page

Note: Some of the following are reposts aftyer a couple of months.

Alice and the pirates Knee high socks - £30 (SOLD)
Bought about a year ago in Paris, tried on but never worn, have been stuck in the bag for a while. They just dont look right on me.

Tokyo royale lolita hoodie - £15
Cute warm hoodie for winter, sadly I just dont wear it anymore and Id rather it goes to a better home, there used to be lace around the sleeves which i cut off because it just didnt go right, dont know what the esigner was thinking, however lace remains as pictured.  Size UK10-12


Secret Shop socks - £10
Bought these from Camden, tried on a couple of times but never worn, they just dont suit me.

Royal Poodle (Angelic pretty replica) Skirt - £25
--Bought in camden last year, have only worn it two or three times, I just dont really like the print anymore. Skirt is missing a detatchable bow.

Hangry+Angry Blouse - £25
Lovely blouse, bought at a local shop, worn a few times but sadly it doesnt really fit anymore, there is some slight discolouring around the collar but nothing else, size-wise its typical Japanese sizing so I wouldnt recommend anyone bigger than a UK size 10 to wear it.

Demonia boots - £30
Love these boots to death but when I orderd them online the site told me to order 2 sizes up from my size so I ordered a size '6' however theyre still too tight so I think someone who is a size 3 - 3 and a half would fit them better, there is a slight scuff on the toe where Ive worn them out to dinner a couple of times, other than that, theyre like new.

GosuRori volumes 9 - £10 (SOLD)

These are great for anyone who's into lolita and sewing, all dress patterns are still intact, perfect condition, i just never read it.

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