rokusabarou (rokusabarou) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Blouse / Hairbow


I am looking for:
• an off-white (or white) cutsew or blouse (needs to comfortably fit a bust of 36 inches!) with short sleeves.
• a red hair bow.  A barrette-clip backing would be perfect, but I am also willing to look at a headband-type bow that sits to the side (or even in this style).  (I'm open to commissioning, as long as it can be made in time.)
• a red bangle / off-white wristcuffs / cookie-themed accessories (these are not priority).

I am on a very tight budget, so I'm sorry if I haggle a bit.
I am also on a bit of a time crunch, so US sellers are preferred (only to save on shipping time.  If you are an international seller that could get the items to me by the 25th, that works, too!).
My feedback is [ here ], and I'll pay immediately upon working out a deal, via PayPal.

Thank you very much for looking!

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