belovedwolf (belovedwolf) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS : Meta LP black blouse, Meta over knee socks - all sold

My feedback here :

*paypal only
*shipping worldwide, please ask me about shipping fee
*I have 4 cats, I try to remove fur before I ship but can't remove them all. Please understand.
*shipping from Goergia, United States

Black chiffon blouse - $60 + shipping
(shipping in US will be 5)
with back shrring, bust up to 38~39 inch, waist up to 32 inch
Brand new, I only tried on 2 seconds
It's truly pretty blouse - but I hardly wear black blouse...

Meta over knee socks - 20 + shipping
(shipping in US will be 4)
Brand new, I even didn't try on, 
It's cream color-ivory color base, not white.

I'm still selling offbrand blouse, handmade(snowfield) OPs and JSKs

Here's my Etsy shop -   

Tags: !ds, indie brand, metamorphose

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