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!DS: IW casual jsk, IW skirt, AP white headbow

please observe

1. i'm new to egl_comm-sales, so therefore my feedback page is far from full. but i will make anything in order to make you feel alright with possible transaction. if needed, i can show you feedback from local sites where i've been selling things. please excuse me for this, but everyone starts out new one time or another, right?

2. i live in sweden, so most shipping will go on $15-35.

3. payment through paypal and paypal only.

4. all prices are in usd.

5. i have cats and a dog, but by my knowledge neither of them reside in my closet. however, if you're terribly allergic it might be a bad idea.. naturally i will scan every piece of clothing after hair, but i can't promise anything. and i really wouldn't be able to live with myself i someone died due to something i've sold.

Innocent World Gina JSK
Bought from IW's site just some months ago. I've worn it once.
It was my try to change to casual lolita, but I just never wear it.
It's a gorgeous piece that deserves a better home!
The condition is prefect and my asking price is lower than what I bought it for. 
Please consider~
Bust: 81-98cm
Waist: free
Length: 88cm
Price: $160
(international shipping: $30)

Innocent World Dolce SK

 Innocent World's cute Dolce skirt!
I got this second hand, but I've only used it once.
Very cute and fits both classical and sweet~

Waist: 60-70 cm
Length: 55 cm

Price: $75
(international shipping: $30)

Angelic Pretty Headbow with inside wires so you can modify it by yourself!
In great condition, bought on mbok and worn twice by myself.

Measurments: one size fits all
Price: $40
(international shipping: $15)

sold in the past on egl_comm_sales:

feel free to ask any questions~!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, innocent world

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