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DS - 20% Reduction - Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Hi Everyone! A few things for sale here.^^


Please read the rules from my previous sales post before buying. Thank you!


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Tweed Sherbert Coat and Skirt in Lavender
  • Bought new from BtSSB's SF store. I paid $275 for the coat and $250 for the skirt, totaling to $525. There is a small stain, and I have worn it a few times, so I think the price is well set. I would prefer not to split the set, but if I do, each will be $185 obo.
  • Waist ties for the skirt are included. There is no shirring on the coat, but the skirt has shirring. The coat has two pockets, and an additional non-removable bow on the top left. The skirt has a detectable bow.
  • Measurments: Coat = 54cm length, 87cm bust, 58cm sleeve length. Skirt = 49cm length, 61~66cm waist
  • Price: $395 $315 Including shipping in the US or best offer
  • Coat  Bow Pocket  Skirt stain Penny (size comparison)  Detachable Bow  Skirt  Waist tie

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright High Collar Long Sleeve Blouse in Pink
(( sold to [info]sewcutedesigns ))
  • A super cute blouse. Only worn twice; purchased new for $170 from BtSSB's SF store. Long sleeves have cute ties; high collar has detachable bow. Pink matches most brand clothing in pink colourways.
  • Measurements: 55cm length, 93cm bust
  • More information from Hello Lace
  • Price: $95 $75 Including shipping in the US or best offer
  • detachable bow  heart buttons  brand logo  proof
I have a BtSSB Postcard, Bodyline, and Off-Brand Items on my previous sales post - Take A Look!^^

Thank You!
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