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and then there was

WTB: AP Sugary Carnival JSK + KC

Hello folks! I'm looking for AP's (not DOL's) Sugary Carnival JSK and headbow in any color except black. Special points for the limited edition dark blue (though I know it's a long, long shot), but I will consider Sax, Lavender, and Pink happily. Also, it must be the JSK; I'm not really interested in the OP or skirt, sorry!

Please post your seller feedback and either proof pictures of the item or a link to a sales post.

My feedback is here.

Additionally, if you are interested in either of these two items, I will do a partial trade including additional money for your JSK set.

My sales post containing Melty Chocolate and Pirates Alice!

Thanks for reading!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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