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DS: Closet Cleaning, Brand and Offbrand

My EGL Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/718296.html

I ship once a week, unless it's possible for me to go more often.

I will accept reasonable offers on these items. I'm not very interested in trading, but you can always ask me! The worst I can do is say no. ^_^

Shipping is not included in the prices, and will be dependent on package weight. I have a postage scale so I can charge you exact shipping. ^_^

My items:

unworn | back shot
Asking price: PENDING

Got this bolero in my Baby LP for Valentine's Day 2011. As you can see, it rides a little high on my 45" bust, but it fits everywhere else perfectly. True colour is more of an off-white or eggshell than snow white.


back shot
Asking price: PENDING

Bust: 16.5" flat
Waist: 15" flat

Baby the Start Shine Bright Blouse, probably size L or LL, but USA size medium at best. No stretch whatsoever.


lace detail | back shot
Asking price: $80, firm (what I paid for it, sans shipping)

Bust: 43"
Waist: 37"

I bought this Metamorphose blouse from the egl_plus community and have only tried it on ONCE, just long enough to discover that it's a measly INCH too small at the bust. It's an excellent quality blouse, as you'd expect of the brand. The lace is raschel but it's silky and soft, not at all shiny or cheap, the fabric is pretty opaque (I wouldn't wear a black bra or anything), and it's overall quite comfy.


print shot
Asking price: $40

Waist: 34"

Megan Maude nautical print skirt. It's super cute, comes with a bow clip. I was sold on it because it actually has pockets! Unfortunately it doesn't fit my waist, so I'm passing it on. I paid $50 for it, sans shipping. It has never been worn by me, but I am not the first owner.


zipper flaw | loose seam
Asking price: $70, flexible

Bust: 46"
Waist: 37"

Princutess/Princess Cute chandelier snowflake dress in mint! It was too small on my bust, so I removed the waist ties and made them into gussets. It's a bit loose on my bust, actually, but fits perfectly at the waist. As there are no longer waist ties, and no shirring, it will not go smaller. There was one issue with a seam I improperly finished and never got around to fixing (pictured), and the zipper needs replacing, as it was a really low-quality one (came with the dress - if I'd known it was going to split under the lightest pressure, I would have replaced it). Price reflects the issues with this dress.


back shot
Asking price: $70

Bust: minimum of 37"
Waist: minimum of ~32"

Fanplusfriend princess-backed dress in brown. I'm not sure about the measurements of this dress. I know it can go smaller and it can absolutely go much larger than I am. The pearls etc on the front of the dress were added by me. They are pinned to the (removable) bows and can be easily taken off. The back doesn't hang down so much when the dress is properly worn, either.


Asking price: $30

Bust: ??
Waist: ~30"

Bodyline flower-print JSK. I bought this used from a heavy smoker. The smell has lessened considerably (I am a non-smoker) but sensitive noses may prefer to air it out a bit more. I have never worn this because it's far too small for me, and I couldn't convert it to a skirt as I'd intended. Colour is more of a light, vibrant blue. I can take more pictures if requested.

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