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DS: Little closet cleaning to save the kitty! Gothic stuff + reductions.

I'm still new to the community so my feedback isn't impressing but I hope you won't doubt that I'm trying to be the best seller I can


Please read the rules and description carefully before buying.
If you have some questions about items, feel free to ask!

Today I'm helping my friend (uchiha_shiori @ LJ) sell some bodyline stuff because her cat is very sick and needs treatment. I've also put my own stuff in the post, please take a look!

R U L E S:
I ship from Poland.
I'm always very open to any reasonable offers because I want all my things to go
Please make an offer but priority goes to the buyer who can pay full price
I don't smoke and don't have any pets
Prices are in USD with shipping included to Europe, if you are a buyer outside of EU, please add 5$ to the price
This time the buyer has to cover PP fees. So I'll add 5% of the price to your invoice. Or you can send me money as a gift to me to avoid paying PayPal fees.
I ship with Priority Mail as soon as I can after receiving the payment
I'm not responsible for lost packages, so no refunds

IMPORTANT: 1. If you have some questions about my friend's items (exact measurements, price, shipping, etc. stuff), please feel free to contact her directly. She'll help you better than I! And please don't PM her because she'll respond more quickly if you mail her: nowaru_crosszeria@hotmail.com 

2. If you want to take something from my friend, be aware that she doesn't have a paypal account. I personally bought from her things and I made her a bank transfer every time. It is really easy and you can do it at your own bank through the Internet. But if you want, I can invoice you by my own paypal and I'll be the person that will pass on the cash to her. Be aware that I'll invoice you in PLN because my bank doesn't use other currency + my bank's transfer fee (about 30PLN, I'm not sure). Anyway, I suggest the buyer to do a transfer by himself (quicker and cheaper I think).

3. With all responsibility I assure you she is a great seller and a reliable person so don't be afraid ^-^ I'll be watching over to make sure everything is okay.

~ i t e m s:


All items are new and unworn, waiting for a new home. The dress and skirt are typical bodyline size M.

1. Bodyline mini-hat, price: 25

2. Bodyline black high-waist skirt, price: 40

Bodyline black &white JSK, price: 60


1. Offbrand mini-hat

Description: I wore it once but I guess I don't feel comfortable with mini-hats. I ordered it from a shop and then customized by myself; in front there is a ribbon and a rose with a little diamond, above two silver roses (they were earrings originally). At the back there is a leather bat. The hat is decorated with lace all around. It cost me some work but since I don't wear it anyway, it's time to find for it a new home! + I will ship it in a big envelope since it came to me also in an envelope and nothing bad happened to it. But if you want me to ship the hat in a box - it will cost extra.

Price: 35$ SHIPPED IN EU

2. GLP rose lace choker

Description: New and unworn, a simple, elegant choker from GLP. The lace is very delicate,
with black velveteen roses. Closed on buttons. Total length is 40cm.

Price: 12$ 9$ 7$ SHIPPED IN EU

3. Bodyline arm covers

Description: Worn once with a dress that has been stolen from me. They were an accessory. I wore it one more time without the dress also, they can be an element of a nice gothic outfit since they are simple and elegant. The lace is also very beautiful. It's an old Bodyline piece. They are in excellent condition, just the little elastic things shown on the last photo can be a bit stretched.

Price: 10$ 8$ 6$ SHIPPED IN EU

4. Orsay black jacket

Description: It's a really nice classic and simple piece from Orsay. I used it in many coords but since I lost weight it doesn't fit me as good as it did now. It doesn't have a size on the tag, but when I buyed it it was a 38 size. It will fit for someone with bigger bust than I have currently, what is 33" (about 84cm). I was wearing it quite a few times but since I care for my clothes very much, it's still in excellent condition.

Price: 35$ SHIPPED IN EU Sold, thank you!

5. Crown and Fleur-de-lis earrings

Description: New and unworn silver earrings, two pairs.

Price: 10$/pair SHIPPED IN EU

If you don't like the price, please feel free to make an offer!
All prices are negotiable!

T h a n k i e s!
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