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DS/AFC Skirts and some brooches

My rules:

- Paypal Only, I will accept cash if you are willing to meet me.
- I will be at AnimeIowa this summer, I am taking commissions to be delivered at the con. If you would like this please let me know.
- Returns are only granted if I made the mistake, Please buy carefully, I do the best to represent the colors that I have but monitors do vary. I try to take the pictures in natural light for the best outcome
- My shipping days are Monday and Thursday, expedited shipping is available upon request for an extra fee.
- I do take rush orders, there is a fee involved for this. Please message me for more information
- US Buyers:
   -Shipping is a flat rate of $3 for everything that will fit in my 4x4x4 box. For items not needing a box (such as the headbands) please request a shipping quote. Items are shipped First Class with delivery confirmation. Tracking and insurance is extra, please message me for a quote. First class generally takes 2-6 days depending on how far you live from me.
-International Buyers:
   - I will have to calculate shipping. I will try to quote you the correct amount before you commit.
   - Payments will be made in US dollars
- Buyers are responsible for all Paypal fees, this is already built into my prices.
- All shipping materials are 100% recyclable


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Skirts for Sale:

Shipping is not included in the price. I will ship for the flat rate of $7 priority within the US, if you are international please ask for a quote.

Red flowers set on a white background. The waist band and waist ties are made with red to complement the fabric. I am modeling the skirt.

Min: 40" (possibly a little less with the waist ties)
Max: 52" (needs to be pulled on so either over your head or hips)
Length: Max 21", this is the longest I can hem it to. If you need it longer let me know and I can add a ruffle with the red or some sort of lace to the bottom. Please be aware that this will affect the price. Please let me know how long you want the dress hemmed to.

$30 plus shipping

Skirt worn with an a-line petticoat (I do not have a cupcake one)


Problems that will be fixed before shipping (I will give you pictures after they are fixed, The problem is the white thread)

Skirts that I have started. (these are ones that I have the fabric cut out I just need to construct them, generally take 2-3days for construction)

1. I have two available, one in the 40-50" range and one 35-45" range. Floral fabric for the skirt, fully lined with a pink waist band. $30 + Shipping

2. I only have ONE available in the 35"-45" range. I can go smaller with this fabric but NOT larger. This fabric was also short so it will have a ruffle at the bottom. Pink will be the color of the ruffle and the waistband. $35+shipping

3. I have three available in this color. Ranges available: 25"-35", 35"-45", 40"-50". The green will be the color of the waist ties and waist band. Please note that the background color is more of an ivory then a white.

4. I have two available of this one, 40"-50", 35"-45". The green will be the color of the waist ties and waist band. Please note that the background color is ivory and not white.

I have other fabrics available please ask, and I take commissions for other colors and prints. If you are interested in any of the above skirts and you would like a head bow please message me, I have a limited amount of excess fabric and can not guarantee a bow for each skirt.

Other items for sale:

I have two hand made brooches for sale. They are $7 a piece. I do not normally make these but I had some flowers that did not work for a commission. I can take commissions for these as well. These fit into my standard box as well.

Dusty pink/off white rose. There is some damage from when I was trying to secure as part of a head dress. This is not noticeable when being worn but I have included a picture of it.

Off white three roses. You can see in the last picture where I had to take off and re-attach the pin.

Older Sales post

Thanks for looking!
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