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ATTN -- Looking For User: cake_sweetheart // leekpie // adarkpassenger

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A week ago I was contacted by LJ user cake_sweetheart, about holding the skirt set I was selling until the 16th. (she sent two messages)


If that dreamy macaroon skirt is still available by the 15th, I would like to take it. In fact, I can offer you $200 for the set if you hold it for me?
I understand if you want to sell it earlier, I only get paid once a month and well, it's right in the middle of my month!
I am very interested however, and if you don't sell it by the 15th - I'll take it.

- Rhiannon."


"Actually, sorry, just to be clear - I will pay more if you hold it for the next two weeks for me. I'm really interested! :)
I work in the mining industry, so I get paid a very large amount once a month, so you can rely on me to pay.

My paypal is
I haven't got a feedback in my name here yet, I usually just buy using a shopping service or the official sites but have ebay feedback:

and I have etsy feedback here:

Let me know!
Rhiannon :)"

After that point she and I worked out through PM, the shipping details, prices, etc. I didn't ask for a deposit, since she seemed genuinely interested -- (I probably should have :/) She had me invoice her, and said that she'd pay promptly on the 16th -- as discussed.

A little later in the week, I get another PM asking me to add on to her order, the faux fur collars that I make..


Just read that you make faux fur collars, any chance of throwing one of those in with my skirt set too? A pink one if possible, to match my wardrobe!

Let me know!

Rhi xx "

I didn't get the PM until a little later (as I work late some nights and just go straight to bed) -- I go to respond -- and the account seemed to have been deleted. :/

Through some detective work, it turns out that cake_sweetheart,leekpie, and adarkpassenger are the same person living somewhere in Australia @_@.

Normally this isn't a big deal, I've had flakey buyers before -- but before I go and re-post, I want to make completely sure that she doesn't want it. I've tried emailing her through the paypal address, with no success -- I was hoping someone in her area (she seemed to be fairly active in her lolita community according to her other journal) could let me know if she still intends to purchase or not?

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