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!!SS! in JAPAN/ instore and online shopping, auction, store reservation

!!!!I can NOT cancel  your orders by any reasons!!!!!!
So please do not contact me if you are not ready to buy.
However you can ask me if you write "Question" on your subject,
feel free to ask me:)

(Last update: May 2016)

Hello, everyone!!:D

I am running SS since Feb 2011, I am Japanese girl.
I am located in Sendai, not in Tokyo.
(Sorry I can't go to Closet child, because the store located in Tokyo^^;
but I can do shopping on Closet child online store, if you want<3)

I do in-store shopping, store reservation, Auction bidding, online shopping, Mercari, Fril, etc...
I love lolita clothing and Kawaii(lovely) items<3
I will be glad to help you if you need my SS^-^
I will do my best for girls^0^

I am busy for my works, so I can do auctioon bidding or buying items via mobile phone very quickly, however
About shipping or invoicing, It takes a time. So please let me know if you are in hurry, I will let you know whether I can do it or not by  your request time then!
Sorry for the inconvinience and Thank you for your understanding!!

My shopping service fees are

Commission Fee(store shopping):
-original price+10% for commission fee
-original price +15% for Angelic pretty new print or new items(Items from release day)
-400 yen for train fare per trip (shopping or store reservation or receving items)

Commision Fee(Auction, Mercari, Fril ) :
**Less than 8,500yen (per items)------------>bid price +850yen
**Over 8,500yen (per items)------------------>bid price+ 10%
Maximum fee is 3000yen per item.
If you bought 40000yen item, the fee is 3000yen,
It is not 4000yen.(40000+10%=4000)

Commision Fee(weborder) :
**Less than 5,000yen (Total order prices for each order)------------>item price+500yen
**Over 5,000yen (Total order prices for each order)------------------>item price+ 10%

Maximum fee is 3000yen per item.
If you bought 40000yen item, the fee is 3000yen,
It is not 4000yen.(40000+10%=4000)

I always give you a free gift if you bought over 10000yen from me^^
And you can see more SS details from my journal post<3

My EGL feedback

Feel free to ask me:D
Please contact me via email for SS if you want me to reply quickly.
Of course you can contact me via PM, but I will reply very slowly if you contacted
me via PM. So I prefer e-mail^-^
My email address is "caramelmilk0202 AT yahoo DOT co DOT jp"

When you contact me, you must read my SS details and say password.
You can find the pasword in my SS derails.

Shopping service detail

Service open in 2016, too!!:)

*Added the explanation about SALE items (update August, 30th/2012)
*Added the explanation of NOTICE about auctions (update September 24th/2012)
*Added the exolanation of NOTICE about auctions (update May 10th/2013)

Gothic and Lolita(Store shopping & Reservation) :
Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, ,
Emily Temple Cute,
MILK , Jane Marple,
KERA SHOP( Metamorphose, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Super Lovers,Moi- Meme -Moitie)

KERA magazine or etc
I can NOT go to Closet Child, because it is not located in my city, sorry!!

Online shopping:
I do some Web Orders(Rakuten,etc)
and Auction(Yahoo! auction, mbok)
and Mercari, Fril


-Paypal only
-JPY only
-I do charge money accepting handling fee (4% + 40JPY)
-Please pay promptly, payment is expected within 3 days.
(If you can't pay your payment within 3days with no explanation before I invoice you ,
I will leave you NEGATIVE or NEUTRAL feedback. Because I am not your bank!)

Commission Fee(store shopping and reservation):
-original price+10% for commission fee(except Angelic pretty resertvation)
-original price +15% for new Angelic pretty original print (items from release day)
(Angelic pretty in-store shopping for not new items and other reservetion fee is still 10%)
-400 yen for train fare per trip (shopping or store reservation or receiving items)
Commision Fee(Auction, Mercari, Fril ) :
**Less than 8,500yen (per items)------------>bid price +850yen
**Over 8,500yen (per items)------------------>bid price+ 10%

Commision Fee(weborder) :
**Less than 5,000yen (Total order prices for each order)------------>item price+500yen
**Over 5,000yen (Total order prices for each order)------------------>item price+ 10%

About sale items:
I will glad to buy sale items, however my SS fee  will be charged on the "ORIGINAL PRICE",
NOT on the "SALE PRICE".
For example, if you buy a JSK (Original price:26040yen / Sale price:7812yen),
my SS fee is "26040 x 0.1=2604yen". 

For auction:
-I do charge
*domestic postage(sometimes sellers show us the postage, but it is around 1000yen)
*ATM fees
-under 300 yen for mbok
100yen for Mercari and Fril

-Sometimes I do charge
*Cash On Delivery fees (under 500 yen)
It is depends on the seller, sometimes the seller require only COD method,
and I can't chose any method then.

-If you can see 即決価格 on the auction page, it means 'Buy it now' price.
So I can buy the item as a buy it now price, if you want^-^


*I DO NOT accept a snipe bidding, becauae when I am not at home I always bid from my mobile phone,
but sometimes my mobile phone does not work, becuase it freeze, and then I can't do anything.
So I am sorry I decided I do not accept snipe bidding for your safety bidding.
However if you agree that situation, 
I will try to do snipe bit to keep low value, if you want.
but sometimes the seller prohibits snipe bidding, especially mbok.
Anyway I will do my best!

*About the result of auctions, I will try to let you know when we won the auction within
48 hours after the auction is ended.
However , I am so sorry, I will not inform you if we lost the auction.
  Please check it by yourself.
will iinform you my auction ID when you contact me^-^

Please send me 144yen(100yen +4%+40=144) as a deposit for a auction when you order me first time.
You don't need to pay 144yen from 2nd order until I ship your parcel.
But please send me the deposit each deal.

For example: If you use my SS at September 1st, You need to send me 144yen. After that you don't need to pay it  if you use my SS agian. And  I shipped  you your item at 6th,It is one deal.

And after that if you want to use my SS for a auction bidding agian, you have to send me 144yen
as a deposit. (ONLY first order)

I will refund you 100yen when I invoice you if we won a auction, BUT I will not refund you
if we lost a auction. I will take the money as a auction fee.

I don't want to use like this system, however recentry a girl ran away from her responsibility of payment.
Her name is Jan Nicole Espiloy from Philippine, please be careful with her.
So I need to know your information or whether you can use PP address or not  before I bid for a auction.
It is really important things.

My PP address is same as my e-mail address.
When you send me the deposit, please use this form and leave the form
on the message space.

Also If I can't see your messgae before a auction end, I will refund you.
However if the reminder of the  auction time is under 23hours, I will not refund you,
because sometimes we have big time difference and I can't check your message when I sleeping or working.

*I can NOT cancel the bidding of your order by any reasons.
So please do not contact me if you are not ready to buy.

*If you don't have over 10 positive feedbacks, I might ask you  about yoru payment plan.

-Btssb / AatP/ MMM doesn't have the tags in Sendai store
(because they remove the tag and hold it )

-AP Sale items doesn't have the tags

How calculate:

-For store shopping
Original item price +10%+ 400(train fare)+4%+40
Shipping cost +4%+40

***sometimes I will invoice together*********

-For reservations
INVOICE#1(After I was able to reserve )
Deposit for holding items +400yen (train fare)+4%+40
INVOICE#2(After I received the items)
Original item price+10%- Deposit refund + Shipping+400(train fare)+4%+40

-For web orders
INVOICE#1(Before I order)
Original item price +10% or 500yen+Domestic postage
+atm fees or CODfees+4%+40
INVOICE#2(After I received the items)
International shipping +4%+40

-For auctions

Please send me 144yen as a deposit for a auction at first time per deal.
My PP address is same as my e-mail address.
INVOICE#1(After I won the bid. Usually I invoice you after the seller invoiced me. It takes around 1-3days)
(The bid price +10% or 850yen)-100yen(deoisit)+ Domestic postage + Atm fees or COD fees +4%+40
INVOICE#2(After I received the items)
 international shipping +4%+40

-for store shopping
*I will check the items, but I am NOT expert or official staff.
So if the items have some problems, it is not my fault.
I don't think the items have big probrems, but just in case...

-for auctions
*Please keep in mind! You might have a risk to buy something from auction.
I do NOT have responsibility about condition of items.
I can't refund you if the items had bad condition or if seller did not ship the item after you paid.
I can ask the seller about your question if you want^-^

Shipping is depend on the weight, so I am sorry I can't inform you your shipping cost
until I received your item.
Also for domestic postage of auction items, the seller inform me the postage after we won the auction from the seller.
So I can't tell you the postage until we won the auction. Sometimes the seller show us the postage, then I can inform you^-^

Usually use free box , but if you order me so many clothes I have to buy big box, and then I will charge
the cost of box(under 500yen).

-EMS : Top priority among international mails is placed on this service. Posts will be delivered for approximately 2-4 days to addressee all over the world. This is only tracked and insured method.

-Airmail: Fees are relatively high since posts will be sent by air. Delivery will be made
approximately 3 - 6 days.

-SAL( Economy Airmail) : This is a service where international mail is handled as surface mail in both Japan and the destination country and as airmail between the two countries. The service is faster than surface mail while the cost is lower than airmail.

  • It takes approximately 6 to 13 days for mail to arrive at the destination.

  • In some cases, it may take longer due to the handling system of the destination country

-Surface Mail : Sent by surface. While delivery takes 1 to 3 months, the rates are reasonable.
If you would like to have tracking and insurance, please request EMS.
Airmail and SAL and Serface mail are at your own risk.


and my old DS post

******PLEASE leave me a feedback after you received your parcel^-^*********
☆please use this link for my SS URL thanks!!

Other notes:
- I will not buy illegal items, adult or porn materials.
-You must check what item is permitted in your countly.
- I will ship within 3 days of payment, except weekends or national holidays.
- Not responsible for lost or stolen packages or if something happen after it leaves my hands.
- All Items will be marked as "GIFT" and will mark low value if you want.

- I reserve the right to refuse service.
-Don't contact me if you are NOT ready to pay, I am not your credit card or bank!!!
-Don't contact me if you are NOT ready to purchase!!
If you asked me about the store stock or "I would like to buy ..",
then you must buy it if it is still available at the store or auctions.I can NOTask the store about the stock if you are NOT ready to buy it!!!
-If you bought somthing over 10000yen via my SS,
I will give you a free gift(a small lovely gift)^^
-If you are super super busy, please check your e-mail box during a deal.
Feel free to ask me.
You can PM me but I prefer e-mai.
Because I will reply very slowly if you contacted me via PM^^;
My email address is "caramelmilk0202 AT yahoo DOT co DOT jp"

*************** PASSWORD********************************
When you contact me, you must write
on my shopping service form, as  my SS password ,
then I understand you already have read my SS details!
Thank you for looking my loooooooooong details<3<3

^-^Please fill out this form before you contact me via E-mail or PM.^-^

*Subject: purchase*

2.Live journal name:
4.Your feedback:
5.PP address:
6.Your real name:
7.Your address:
8Item page:
9.(If you offer me auction bidding)
Your budget for bidding price:
10.If you are in hurry, please tell me by when do you need it: Not in hurry or DATE

11.Do you want to remove tags?:Yes or No
12.You never cancel your order. Can you agree ?:Yes or No

If you have a question, please write
" Question" on your subject.

Please check suspicious box, too after you contacted me.
Sometimes my message may in your suspicious box ^^;
Also please use simple English, because I am Japanese girl.
If you use complicated sentense or slang, I might not understand what you want to say.

Thank you for reading my long SS details^-^

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