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DS: URGENT: ANGELIC PRETTY tea party shoes, Metamorphose blouse NWT

My Feedback (all positive): http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1023006.html
Rules of sale:
1. first to leave paypal for item gets it
2. I prefer to ship within the US
3. Shipping is not included with price- I will list shipping beside the price.
4. Prices are firm unless OBO is stated by the price, then feel free to make an offer!
5. You may comment or PM me, I will check both.

Now, onto the sales!

1. Angelic Pretty Tea Party shoes in LIGHT pink size M 
these have only been worn once for a convention (and not very long either, they were too small >.<) so they are in excellent condition (no spots or folds or anything)!
They will come with the original wrappings and box, I bought them straight from AP. 
Price- $160 + $12 Shipping in US OBO

2. Metamorphose Blouse NWT (original price 13,440 yen!)- White
Never worn
Detachable Waist Ties in the Back
Price- $60 + $5 shipping

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, metamorphose

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