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!DS Baby, Mini top hat and Demonia heels!

A few things to keep in mind :]

-Not interested in Trades. I'm visiting a friend that I am not going to see for over a year and would like the money.
-Ill ship where ever!
-Paypal only please :)
-First to leave paypal gets the item
-Shipping is included for the US and includes tracking! Other places please leave country :)
- Must be paid before I ship
-Prices are in USD
- I own 2 cats but they do not go near my clothes. A few stray hairs may appear. Ill do my best to get them off before I ship!
-Sorry for the bad images, camera is broken at the moment and I am using my phone ^^""


On to the sale!! 

1) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Blouse. $110 Shipped in US. 

Bought at the Baby's in San Fran and wore it once under a jumper.  It is a little tight around my chest and I haven't worn it in a long time. It fits everything else fine. My measurements are 38-28-40 and it fits everything else fine! 

There is a little black spot on the tip of one of the sleeves and I didn't notice it until I was lint rolling it. I haven't tried to get it off. It is pictured. 

2) Gold  Mini Top Hat with bow and feather! $15 Shipped in the US
A great little top hat. I have only worn it once because I do not have anything to match it. I was planning a steampunk cord with it but never bought the dress. 
3) Demonia Platform Heels Size 9: $70 shipped 
I am the second owner of these shoes. The first owner wore them inside for a little bit and I have worn them 3 times. I am getting rid of them because they are a little to narrow for my wide feet. 

There are a little scuffs but you cant really tell.

Thank you for looking at my sales :3
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand

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