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DS: AP, BTSSB, MILK, Vivienne Westwood, A+Lidel


- All prices are in Euro €
- I accept offers


- http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/827201.html


-Paypal, for germany bank transfer
-Payment should be sent within 48hours, unless you have a reason that it'll take longer.
( I won't wait for more then 3 days)
-No exchange, no refunds.


-I am shipping from Germany.

- Shipping is not included in the item-price.

- Please ask for shipping if you are outside germany.

- I ship with registered mail (shipping takes 3-7 days)
If you want airmail please contact me, but I won't be responsible for lost packages.

>> I shipped 2 parcels in the past to USA with airmail and they arrived within 6 weeks. But they didn't get lost.

-I will use the address which is given at Paypal, unless you ask me to ship it to another address.
-I'll not be responsible for lost packages.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :)

1. Angelic Pretty black candy ring

Price: 20€

4cm x 3cm
Great condition, no flaws

2. BTSSB crown tiara

Price: 20€

4cm x 3cm
Great condition, no flaws

3. MILK ribbon bag

Price: 30€

metalic pink,
27cm length, total length of the strap 70cm
Originally bought it at Closet Child, but never used it myself.
Great condition

4. A+Lidel Bloomer pants SOLD

Price: 20€

waist ~102cm circumference
leg: ~55cm max circumference
length: 39cm

in good condition, tried on but never worn.
The fabric is rather thick. You can wear them as pants or bloomers ^^

5. Vivienne Westwood silver shoulder bag

Price: 50€ or best offer

13xm x 11cm

total length of the chain-strap is 108cm.
The other strap (made of the silver material) has a total length of 33cm

I bought this bag at a verified ebay VW-seller (original price was 50€). I had the tags too, but I can't find them anymore.

there is a small flaw at the fold because of the material. http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/7016/sam0085f.jpg

thank you for looking
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