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DS/DT/WTB: Moi-meme-Moitie, Alice and the Pirates

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I accept only non-debit/non-CC Paypal. I will screen Paypal addresses after payment for safety reasons.
◆ I do not have a hold policy--my sales are first come, first serve for whoever fills out the form first. Payment due within 24 hours of invoicing.
◆ Feel free to make an offer or ask a question! :)

Shipping and Handling:
(This is an abbreviation of my policies. For more details like transit time and insurance claims, check my feedback page above.)
I will ship via USPS Priority with delivery confirmation by default. While International shipping is available, it will cost extra (delivery confirmation is not available for USPS Priority International). Please note your country if you are an international buyer so that I may calculate shipping. Feel free to ask for a shipping quote beforehand.
◆ I offer First Class shipping to only International buyers as a cheaper alternative, but they cannot be tracked nor be insured. I’d like to request to see some feedback if you choose International First Class to ensure a safe transaction for both parties.
◆ Insurance (covers only the cost of the item) and Express shipping are available upon request for extra fee.
◆ I have not lost a package to date, but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages if you do not purchase insurance.
◆ Buyer will be responsible for customs if applicable. I can mark down the amount upon request, but beware if you’re also getting insurance.

When you’re ready to buy:
Use the form below to reserve your spot in line whether you are paying the full asking price or making an offer (please note offer as well). Full asking price will get priority over offers. Please remember that I am including domestic Priority shipping, which is faster and generally safer, but a little pricier than First Class.

Item name(s):
Paypal address: (you can PM it if you wish)
U.S. or International buyer? (if international, note country):

Direct Sale: (or trade for my WTB items below)

Moi-meme-Moitie Tulle Lattice Rose ivory and black skirt [NEW with tag and spare button] --- $200 OBO including S&H to U.S. SOLD TO maiden_in_lace
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 25.5" waist approximately, no shirring
◆ Tag reads ¥25,200 including tax. This skirt is designed without waist ties. Comes with a spare button.
◆ More info on Hello Lace here >>>


I’m looking for couple of things, particularly the Moitie blouse and AATP rose ring pictured below, and Puppet Circus (for which I have more things to trade--PM me if you’re interested). If you have these for sale, please tell me how much you’d like for them including shipping to California (and fees).

Moi-meme-Moitie フレアチュール袖 black BL

Alice and the Pirates バラ black sterling silver ring
*Size 15 or 17
*Maybe size 13 in pink if I can’t find the black version or it’s cheap

Alice and the Pirates black silver plate leather bracelet
(AATP bracelet)

Alice and the Pirates オオカミさん black mufflerAlice and the Pirates オオカミさん white muffler
*Black preferred over white

Alice and the Pirates スウィングローズ silver ring
*Size 13 or 15 (maybe 17?)

Taking offers on my old sales page here:
Page contains AP, Meta, h.Naoto, Algonquins, and off brand! Don’t be afraid to make any offer, as I’d like these gone. :)

Thanks for looking, and feel free to ask any questions or make offers!

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