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LOTS of Angelic Pretty and and Innocent World blouse

Hello & welcome to my sales! ♥
I don't find myself wanting to wear lolita as much as I used to, so its time I let a bunch of stuff go~ These are all great pieces and I'm kind of regretting giving them up!

♥ Prices are in US dollars
♥ I ship from Canada
♥ Shipping prices stated are for standard shipping to Canada or USA. If you require anything else, let me know!
♥ Stated measurements are from or taken by me
♥ Feel free to make offers! (I will wait and see if anyone offers asking price first though)
♥ Items will go to whomever leaves their paypal address first
♥ I expect payment within 24 hours of invoice. Let me know if this isn`t possible, and we can work something out. :)
♥ All sales are final

Angelic Pretty Pink Velveteen Birdcage Princess Skirt


Waist: 63cm
Length: 49cm
There is a small panel of shirring on the back, like most AP skirts.

Price: $130 $100 + shipping ($15)

This skirt is super cute - its a bit circus-like, I think! Its made of nice, thick velveteen, and has a detachable bow with pearls. It has a pretty bustle back! Ready your wardrobe for fall with this skirt! Worn once by me, and I purchased it directly from AP.

Angelic Pretty Mermaid Symphony Skirt - mint


The stock photos are more true to color.

Waist: 62cm waist
Length: 51cm
There full back of this skirt is shirred.

Price: $250 + shipping ($15)

I'm so sad to be selling this! But chiffon in lolita just doesn't suit me that well, and its better this goes to someone that will use it. This skirt is made of a soft, polkadot chiffon. The mermaid/logo is bright pink and glittery! This skirt has an amazing tulle bustle back - you'll feel just like a mermaid in this! The waist bow is not included with this skirt. I purchased it from Y!J auctions, and it wasn't included there. The skirt does come with its waist ties and there are no other flaws.

Angelic Pretty Cosmetics Print Skirt - Pink


Waist: 60 - 68cm
Length: 53cm
There is shirring along the full length of the back. :)

Price: $130 + shipping ($15)

This is another piece that it pains me to let go, but I never really wear it. This skirt is made of a nicer, thicker cotton than most Angelic Pretty skirts. There are cute details like little bows and rhinestones on the trim, and lots of cute details in the print. So cute!
Because this skirt is so old, there are a couple minor flaws. There is a small (dime size) cream-ish stain on the front/side of the skirt. It honestly took me forever to find just now and I couldn't get it to show up in any photos. It gets covered by the folds made by the gathering, and its not noticeable unless you are looking for it. The ribbon/trim also has some minor piling. I think the skirt is in great condition for its age, though. I bought it from Y!J auctions originally.

Angelic Pretty Whip Magic JSK - Dark Pink


Bust: 90cm
Waist: 70cm
Length: 86.5cm
There is shirring and corset lacing on the back, so it can fit a variety of sizes. :)

Price: $200 + shipping ($15)
In my opinion, this is the cuter of the two Whip Magic JSK styles. This JSK is super bright, and really stands out. There is polkadot tulle detailing on the bust and a cute waist bow. I purchased this dress from Closet Child and I can't find any flaws.
I have matching socks for sale below!

Angelic Pretty Dollhouse JSK - Pink - Flawed

Damage photos: one two

Bust: 88cm
Waist: 70cm
Length: 94cm
There is no shirring or back lacing on this dress.


I bought this piece off Y!J auctions with the intention of fixing it up, but never got around to it. I just don't wear lolita enough anymore to justify cleaning it AND altering it to fit me. The flaw with this dress is that the velveteen trim (especially right above the print) is quite dirty. (see pictures - its like that all the way around) I haven't tried cleaning it, and I'm unsure if there is a way to clean velveteen (If not, it might have to be replaced). There is no fur collar with the dress - I never received one. The JSK is sold as shown. I'm really just trying to make back what I paid for this dress with all of the ss and shipping fees.

The dress is made of a beautiful glittery wool, and I'm sure it would make an excellent addition to someone's wardrobe once the trim has been cleaned.

Innocent World Blouse

Between shoulder seams: 13 inches (laid flat)
Between widest part of shoulders: 20 inches (flat)
Waist - 14 inches (flat)
There is a tie at the back, so it can fit a variety of waist sizes.

Price: $90 + shipping ($10)

Lovely basic white long-sleeve blouse. This will be a great for when fall rolls around. there is a cute crown/key embroidery on the chest. I'm only selling this because its too big for me in the shoulders- perfect condition!

Angelic Pretty Cupcake Socks
White Only

Price:$40 + shipping ($5)
The black pair is no longer available!

Super cute socks from Angelic Pretty's Whip Magic series! They have cute cupcakes with polkadots, and glittery thread in the cupcakes. I'm sad to let these go, but I only really wear tights now so there's no use in holding onto them. I'm the second owner of each pair, but they both appear to be in perfect condition. I wore the black pair only once myself.

They match the cupcake dress sold above perfectly, and I would imagine they go with the light pink versions of that print as well. :)

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Thanks for looking! :)

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