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WTB: URGENT! Black shoes (EU 38) & black short-sleeved chiffon blouse

Hi there

First things first:

- I am from Germany, so please include shipping in your price
- I pay via Paypal
- the problem right now: I need both until the 20 of July!
- My Feedback can be found here

I know this is really, really close and maybe a long a seller inside of Germany or Europe would be great!

I am in urgent need of a pair of black shoes in EU size 38 and a black short-sleeved chiffon blouse.
The shoes are the most important thing right now, so I first want to find them before looking at blouses.

For the shoes, I don't care if they are used until they are still in wearable condition.
Examples of what I like:

Those would be my dream shoes, but I'm aware that they might be hard to get in such short amount of time :(

(But in black of course)

I guess a pair of tea parties would be the easiest to find, and even though I'd prever more mature shoes, I'd still be glad to buy one pair of those :)

For the blouse:
I need a simple, short sleeved-blouse...preferable a see-through one out of chiffon, cause it needs to be summery and my dress is out of chiffon, too :)

My measurements are:
Bust: 89 cm
Waist: 72 cm

Thank you all in advance! :)
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