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WTB - G&LB & Angelic Pretty gingham jsk

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I am looking for a few things today ^__^

First, I am hoping to add to my collection of Gothic & Lolita Bibles. I am specifically looking for volumes 37 and 39. As vol. 40 is only just out, I doubt any one would be willing to part with theirs just yet ^^ I don't mind if they are in used condition as long as the paper-patterns are included and no pages are missing (I'm not bothered about sticker sheets). I would prefer to purchase from UK lolitas as I know the bibles are heavy and expensive to ship.

Secondly, I am hoping to find my first pink dress! I am looking for the 'Angel Tiered jsk' from Angelic Pretty in pink only. I believe it was released in 2007 ^^


Thank you for reading <3


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