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[DS] Closet Cleanout: Infanta Cutsew, Secret Shop shoes, accessories,...

I'm sorry, I delete my sales post when I wanted to confirm editing >_<
I got everyone messages by e-mail, I'm trying to contact you by PM
Please post again here too !

Hello ! :)

~ Here is my feedback's page : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/734076.html

~ I'm from France. I accept international shipping.

~ As payment methods, I accept PAYPAL (fees for buyer) and bank transfer for international.
~ For PAYPAL payment, I ask payments in EUROS €.

~ Shipping are not included in prices. Please ask me for estimated shipping to your country.

~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or by PM.

* Infanta Pink Cutsew

Never worn.

Size XL : Bust 90-95cm, Waist ~74cm
Polka dots bow is amovible.

25 euros / 36$


* Infanta Yellow Cutsew

Never worn.

Size XL : Bust 90-95cm, Waist ~74cm
Polka dots bow is amovible.

25 euros / 36$


* Antaina shoes, light pink

Size : 39 China, fits 38-39 Europe

Heels : 5cm
Never worn, too small for me.

- PRICE : 40 euros / 58$

* Ballerina shoes, red color

Size : 38 Europe

Never worn, too small for me. Left shoes is damaged, I got it this way. So I sell them back way cheaper.

- PRICE : 12 euros / 17$

* Classical shoes, old pink color :

Size : 38 Europe
Heels : 5cm
Never worn, too small for me.

- PRICE : 18 euros / 26$

* Waist belt, brown with butterfly

Can fits waist 70-80cm.
Height at highest point : 9,5cm

Never worn, too big for me.

- PRICE : 10 euros / 14$

* Fairy Kei petticoat, pink with purple lining, from JillxPunkLoli

Never worn, I wanted lighter pink.

Size : Min waist 69cm
Lenght : ~40cm

- PRICE : 20 euros / 28$

Pink bear hat

Never worn, doesn't look good on me.

- PRICE : 10 euros / 14$

Official picture :

* Secret Shop shoes, model 9682

Color : black
Size : L (24.5cm),  but real size is EU 37-38
Heels : 4,5cm
Have two amovible bows as on official pictures.

I just got these shoes a week ago but unfortunately these are too small for me. The size for this model seems to be more a EU37-38 than a EU39, I can't get my feets into. 
So these are totally new, never worn.

I sell these shoes what I paid for excepting shipping to you which I lost money for.

- PRICE : 45 euros / 65$

Pictures :

More pictures below :

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