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Trade and Sale!! New Items + price reductions

-I have no paypal, I just can accept European bank transfer!!! (so no sales outside Europe- sorry!)
-I ship from Austria
-prices negotiable
-shipping is insured!

I love to trade: Show me your offers!

feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/266194.html

Innocent World Tenor dress
collar and sleeves attachable.
the back lacing was damaged, but i repaired it!
Bust: 41- 47cm
waist: 38cm
Length: 88cm
price: 115 Euro+ 13 Euro shipping (insured)
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
dusty pink dress

babytssb tote bag
price: 15 Euro + 13 Euro shipping


Alice and the pirates Cutsew.
Unfortunately it's too big for me :( I wore it one time and I was the first owner!
Bust: 43-46cm
Length: 48cm
price: 40 Euro + 13 Euro shipping with insurance

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
Creeping rose ribbon bustier


Baby the stars shine bright tartan skirt
since it's a little bit too big on me, it has to go.
it sits more on the hips- but it depends on the taste i think XD maybe I'm just too small for it sitting on the waist :(
waist/hips: 36cm
length: 46cm
price: 45€ + 13 Euro shipping

Metamorphose red blazer/jacket + pencil skirt SET
Collar and Cuffs are detachable
bust: 46cm
sleeves: 59cm
length: 53cm
skirt waist: 33-35cm
skirt length: 45,5cm
price: 45 Euro+ 13 Euro shipping

Metamorphose Toybox coat
cuffs, collar and lining attachable!
at one cuff the lace was damaged but I tried to repair it. I tried to take pics of the damage.
bust: 49cm
waist: 40cm
price: 80 Euro + 13  shipping

pics of the damage:

Babytssb novelty gift bag
price: 6 Euro + 13 Euro Shipping

Vivienne Westwood Blazer
italian size 44
bust: 46 cm
waist: 39cm
Price: 35 Euro + 13 Euro shipping

H&M Pumps
size: EU36
price: 10 Euro + 13 Euro shipping

ale: Meta skirt
the color is NAVY!!!!! it looks just black in the picture.
it comes with an underskirt
waist: 32-35cm
price: 25 Euro+ 13 Euro shipping
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
dark blue sailor skirt

Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, vivienne westwood

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