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ds! milky way ☆ new items * ~ wrist cuffs, frosted animal cookie bracelet & cupcake rings

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~ * please take a second to read my terms etc:

☆ Prices are in USD - ships from san francisco, ca
first come first serve;
you may order here on lj, however: please be aware that all of my items are also posted on etsy and may become out of stock; if you'd like to order on lj, please leave your order & pp address here.
☆ all items are HAND MADE BY ME. please take that into consideration!
☆ i will gladly remake sold items from the shop upon request, if possible; however, i do not take commissions. please message me here or preferably on etsy!
☆ i reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason

please take a look at my profile & my etsy shop policies for more information!

FREE shipping in the US & Canada - $1 shipping for the first item anywhere else!
feedback - eglfb / etsy (17+ , 100% pos!)

~ * ☆ * ~

cutie dot wrist cuffs ☆ $20.00/pair

mint x pink with hearts - 1 pair

pink x lavender with stars - 1 pair

i also have one pair of each of this style in solid pink and solid lavender, same price as the other pairs; i haven't taken photos to put them up in the shop yet and wont be able to until after tomorrow~ but if you are interested in ordering a pair, please let me know here!

frosted circus animal cookie bracelet ☆ $14.00

giraffe in pink
~ more items for this series coming soon! ~

"space cake" starry cupcake rings with marshmallow sprinkles ☆ $7.25/each



mounted on an acrylic ring base
~ more items for this series coming soon! ~

BIG star hair ties ☆ $10.00/pair

in stock: pink 1 pair, lavender 1 pair (also not pictured, sorry!)

cosmic rainbow ice cream fluffy 2 way clip/pin ☆ $14.50

strawberry & rasberry! :3

thanks for looking!

milky way shop ☆ミ
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