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!DS: Peach/Pink Cornet Dress

Direct Sale: Peach/Pink Cornet Dress and Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater Wristcuffs
Payment option: Paypal
Shipping, tracking and insurance are not included. You will need to tell me what you want for this.  
Priority goes to whoever can pay first or highest, but feel free to give me an offer if you think my prices are too high. Just no silly offers please. And also, please be clear about whether or not you are buying an item.
I am NOT looking for trades at the moment.
For those with allergies, please know that I have a cat.
If I have missed something or you have any questions, please ask. I will do my best to answer.
Feedback can be found here and here
Peach/Pink Cornet Dress: 90USD
   This dress is very sturdy and well-built. I bought it at Marui in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It has detachable princess sleeves. It has a built in petticoat. I have worn it several times.  
     So naturally there is a little damage. There is some yellowing on the back collar line. There are two tiny marks on the skirt of the dress and 2/ 2.5 inches of the ribbon on the skirt is slightly pulled.
Pink Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater Wristcuffs:  SOLD
I bought these in Tokyo, but I think I'd rather have pink/white wristcuffs. They are like new. No rips or stains.
Thank you for your time!
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