velvet_violeth (velvet_violeth) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT/WTB: Beauty and the Rose Promise & Stained Glass Angel of Aatp! Moitie and Aatp

Hi!!! I`m looking for some things of mi wish list and I want to trade two famous prints of Alice and the Pirates.

♔ My feedback here: 

Beauty and the Rose Promise of Aatp Set (Jsk + Headbow): it`s like new, perfect, and I want to trade for the same print in black or blue (Op in navy my first choice or skirt in navy second choice but in black I love it too).

Stained Glass Angel Aatp Skirt: It´s the release of 2009, like new. I want to trade for Jsk or Op of the same print in black. But I can consider other offers.

On the other hand I want to buy one print of my Wish List of Alice and the Pirates and Moitie like:

Other prints (preference for navy and black): Vampire Requiem, Masquerade Theater, Midsummer Nights Dream, Victorian Card, Sleeping Beauty, etc...

Thank you!!!! ^///^

Tags: !dt, !wtb, alice and the pirates, moi-meme-moitie
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