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DT: Vampire Requiem for another AatP and a possible WTB (night fairy fantasia)

Hello there
I'm from France
My egl feedback page is:

So, I own this beautiful Vampire Requiem corset skirt in navy, absolutely new. I never worn it.

The skirt:


I would like to trade it for one of the following dresses in the colorway mentionned:

1. MY FAVOURITE: night fairy fantasia in navy, only.

2. Vampire Forest Elisabeth JSK in navy

3. Queen's Coach JSK II in navy

Also, I'm maybe interested in trading my skirt for the MASQUERADE THEATER JSK in navy too. 

+ If you sell one of these dresses, please contact me. If I find a seller, I can sell my corset skirt.
+ I'm really really really interested in the night fairy fantasia. This is my dream dress. Please contact me if you sell it!
+ REMINDER; Please remember that I'm also selling a dream sky JSK in lavander from Angelic Pretty.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or for more pictures!
You can contact me by PM or leave comments here!

Thank you,
Tags: !dt, !wtb, alice and the pirates

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