caribouroo (caribouroo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS! AP Fruits Parlor tierd skirt, Baby skirt, Bodyline skirt!

Hello Everyone!
  1. Paypal Only
  2. Prices include shipping to the U.S.
  3. My feedback:

AP Fruits Parlor in Mint! - 115$ shipped.

I love this skirt, I'm just selling it because it's way too short for someone of my height.
It'll fit a max of 29 waist, but a 28 the most comfortably.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright pink skirt - 105$ Shipped.

I would recommend a max of 28 for the waist on this one.
It's very adorable and comfortable, I just never wear it. :( It needs a good home!

Bodyline Pink Skirt- 40$ shipped

This one is pretty stretchy, I'd say it'd fit 30inch waist.
It's just not really my style. hah.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline

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