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URGENT! WTB/WTT: Skirts, blouse, shoes, socks!

Hi there! So I'm looking for a some things for a friend of mine and I!

What I am looking for is a solid black skirt. I don't want anything with a print, or any colors other than black. Brand or offbrand is fine. I don't have a lot to spend right now, so I would rather trade a skirt that I have than buy something, unless it's really cheap. My waist is 29".

Here is the skirt I have to trade. It's Angelic Pretty. I bought it from a previous owner, and since I've had it I've only worn it once. The sizing on it is about 28" MAX. I bought it for about $80, and I'm hoping to trade for most of the same value.

Here is a picture I have:

If I find a skirt to buy, and somebody is interested in purchasing this, I will consider selling.

The other thing I need for myself is a pair of black shoes. I would prefer something specifically lolita as opposed to loliable. Something mary-jane style would be preferred, but I'm not too picky. My size is a US 8 1/2 - 9.
I would also like to trade for these. I have a pair of Bodyline heart buckles in white! I bought them from a previous owner, and have worn them a handful of times since. They are in good condition, despite a few scuffs, which I have pictures of.

The other items I need are things I am buying for a friend. I need another solid black skirt like the one I'm looking for for myself.
I also need a white blouse, short or detachable sleeves, and something with ruffles or something along the bottom so it doesn't need to be tucked in. Brand or offbrand is fine.
She also needs a pair of knee-high lace topped black socks.
Her measurements are
Bust: 45"
Waist: 39"
Her price range is $150 all together.

My feedback page is

Urgent because we NEED these by next Thursday, the 14th. I know it's short notice, and I will pay extra for priority shipping to ensure it gets in on time! Because of this, though, no international sellers, please!

Thank you <3333
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