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★ ♥ ★ World Fair by Strawberry Skies Pre-Orders are OPEN ★ ♥ ★

Hey everyone! Pre-orders for Strawberry Skies' 4th print, World Fair, are now open! Read on for more information :)

Pre-orders close: 11:59 Sydney Time on the Sunday July 17th or until spots fill up!


Stock Images

Head bows and tote-bags are also available to those who order a main garment.

Head Bow - $AUD35
Tote Bag - $AUD30
Head Bow + Tote Bag - $AUD50

To order please fill out the order form and leave it in a comment here ♥

Your name:
Other Information:

This pre-order is limited to 15 pieces, so please get your orders in quickly ♥

Please read before ordering!
Terms of service:
By ordering from Strawberry Skies, you are agreeing to these terms of service.
1. Payment is by paypal only
2. All prices are in $AUD
3. Deposit is non-refundable
4. Strawberry Skies takes no responsibility for wrong choice of colour, size or garment.
5. Returns should be made within three weeks of receiving the item and all returns should be in a new with tags, unworn condition. Customers will be refunded for their second payment only, this will happen once the garment is back in Strawberry Skies' possession.
6. Lost packages are not the responsibility of Strawberry Skies if shipping insurance is not purchased.
7. Deposits must be paid within 3 days of ordering. Upon ordering you will be invoiced for your non-refundable deposit. This deposit will cover material costs.
8. Final payments + shipping must be paid before the garment will be shipped.

Our Guarantee:
Strawberry Skies promises to provide a friendly service and produce quality products. All garments are original designs made from 4 ounce 100% cotton, fully lined and finished with high-quality lace. All garments will be made by the designer, Manon Marguerite, and shipped ASAP with shipping of the buyers choice.

Within Australia:
Insured: $AUD16
Uninsured: $AUD10

Insured: $AUD40
Uninsured: $AUD30

My EGL Feedback.
My sew_loli tag.

Questions, comments and concerns can be posted as a comment here or emailed to manon.marguerite@m-strawberryskies.com

To view the World Fair Photo Shoot, click here!

Looking forward to receiving your order,

Manon Marguerite

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