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!DS/DT: repost and new items, !WTB lots and lots of socks/headbands/jewelry/accessories

**Some items are now being moved to Ebay, ask for details :)**
+ I only sell within the US, but I can trade anywhere.
+ I take payment by Paypal only.
+ All prices are negotiable.
+ I try to ship within 2-3 business days after receiving payment. If there is a delay I'll let you know, and if you are in a hurry for the item, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
+ I reserve the right to refuse a sale/trade for any reason.
+ Feel free to ask more questions, request photos, etc :)

**Trades/partial trades preferred over sales**
**Everything I have in older posts is up for trade also**

[My feedback]
[Wishlist for trades. Will consider similar items ^^]



I'm looking for a hime lolita headdress/crown/bow/etc in black. A tiara/crown motif is preferred, but anything that fits the aesthetic goes :)

Also, I'm looking for any kind of accessories (socks, headbows, necklaces, rings, bags, etc) that you think would match any of these dresses. The only thing I won't consider are earrings. It doesn't have to be from the same series as the dress or even the same brand :)

Note that this is actually purplish rather than navy

(Mine's actually the skirt but I can't find a stock photo ><")


DS or DT's

Item #1: Black Velvet OP (by Cornet)
Image Hosted by

[Proof (with flash)]
[Worn with not-so-poofy petti]
[Worn with poofy petti]

Measurements according to previous seller:
Bust: 94cm
Waist: 75cm
Length: 80cm from top of back. **Please note that it's short**

I love it, I'm only selling it because it's too short on me (I'm 164 cm for reference)
Bought it secondhand, I just tried it on a couple of times, never worn it outside.
Looking to get around $80 + shipping.

Item #2: Offbrand cardigan

Image Hosted by

Measurements according to previous seller:
Width: 88cm-100cm
Sleeve length: 60cm
Length: 50cm

Bought secondhand. The fabric is very soft ^^
It's just not my style ><" I just tried it on and never wore it out.
Looking to get $12 shipped in the US

Item #3: Bodyline Cutsew

[Lace close up]

Measurements according to BL:
Length 47cm
Bust 82cm
Waist 74cm
Sleeve length(from center back) 29cm

Tried it on but it didn't fit me right, and the lace was kind of scratchy.
Looking to get $12 shipped in the US

Item #4: Offbrand headband
Image Hosted by

Worn once for a few hours. Looking for $6 shipped in the US.

Item #5: Kirakirajenjen Petticoat (awaiting payment)

[Without petti]
[With petti]

I have no proof that it's a KKJJ petti, but the person who sold it to me said it was. Looks like a KKJJ petti according to someone who owns one [link]
In obviously used condition and missing its waist ties, but still provides decent poof. Feel free to ask for more photos.
I'm selling it because I found out that I prefer A-Line pettis.
Looking to get $20 shipped in the US.

Item #6: Black lace underskirt

Image Hosted by

[Lace detail]
[Worn as a skirt with A-line petti]

Beautiful lace underskirt. It's a true black, photo taken with flash to show detail. Can also be worn as a skirt
Bought from another seller on the comm. Tried on a couple of times, but never really wore it.
So I thought it should go to someone who will make use of it :)
It's elastic so it should fit most, feel free to ask for more detailed measurements.

Looking to get $35 shipped in the US



Item #1: Atelier Pierrot cape

Image Hosted by

[Proof (on the right)]
I got it from Mbok and I'm still looking for something to match it with.
I like it very much, so I'd rather trade it for something I like just as much but can actually wear.
Might be hard to get off me because I'm quite picky ><"
Accepting offers for it until Sunday 17th midnight EST! I paid 4100 + fees + shipping for it (total approx. 6000+ yen), would like to get the same amount back.


Thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, any brand, atelier pierrot, bodyline, coronet, offbrand
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