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WTB: Metamorphose Rabbit Cafe! ~found! ^^

Hi everyone! ^^ This is my dream dress!

I'm looking for the Metamorphose Rabbit Cafe print! I don't mind too much whether it's in skirt, jsk or OP form or what colourway it is.

I'd like  any colourway except black, although mint is preferred! Also I'd prefer the OP or JSK, but I will consider the skirt ^^ 

Here's my feedback:

For anyone able to sell me the dress/skirt, depending on the price (I don't know how much it'll be) I can pay later on today (it's midnight for me at the moment) or on wednesday!

My measurements are - bust: 34 inches and waist: 27 inches.

Please make me an offer!

Thank you for reading ^^ 
Tags: !wtb, metamorphose

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