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!DS: Anna House skirt, M SS shoes, Bodyline OP, Indie Brand JSK & Skirt

My feedback here : http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1280051.html

*Paypal please
*Prices are in USD
*Shipping worldwide, please leave zipcode for shipping fee; US priority
*I ship from Atlanta, GA, USA
*Selling these items so I can pay my fees for college which are due in two weeks D:

In the Starlight Kitty Print Skirt $25 [SOLD]

Anna House Polka Dot Skirt $35

Bodyline Cat Window OP $25 [SOLD]

Silversark Rose Toilette JSK [SOLD]

Secret Shop Pink Shoes $30

Fits like a US 7.5 or a snug US 8

Detail of small scuffs

Offbrand Red Heels $15

Perfect for Sailor or Casual Lolita. Size US 9

Dream of Lolita Fantastic Dolly Head bow 

Bodyline Off White Head bow [SOLD]

Hello Kitty Pink purse + wallet

Bodyline Blue Polka Dot JSK [SOLD]

Handmade Music Print Skirt $20 [SOLD]

Secret Shop Crown Socks -- White $5

worn once
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