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!DS: Sweet Jewelry Luckypacks From 5$ -50$

Hello everyone! today is my second part of inventory clear out! i just got finished running a booth at a convention and i had some left overs i need gone! i have no more room to store all of this stuff so please take it off my hands!
in each picture is what is going the packs nothing is hidden everything there is what i got so you wont end up with some random crap >.<

I take Paypal only
shipping in the US please ask for price
International shipping Please ask for price
I do offer combined shipping


order Form
desired color:

you cannot pick what in your pack! but you  have a certain color!

~1~ 5$ Lucky Pack
2 rings
one random item

~2~ 15$ lucky pack
1 necklace
2 rings
2 hair clips
1 pair of earring

~3~ 25$ lollipop necklace OR tea cup clip Pack
1 lollipop necklace 0r tea cup clip
2 rings
2 hair clips
1 pair of earrings

~4~ 35$ lucky pack
2 necklaces
4 rings
4 hair clips
2 pairs or earrings
2 random items

~5~ 50$ super lucky pack
4 necklaces
6 rings
6 hair clips
1 lollipop necklace or tea cup clip
3 pairs of earrings
3 random items

onto the pictures of everything

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, handmade
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