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DS: Closet Cleaning - jewelery and kodona set reduced! Need these gone!

I'm still new to the community so my feedback isn't impressing but I hope you won't doubt that I'm trying to be the best seller I can


Please read the rules and description carefully before buying.
If you have some questions about items, feel free to ask!

R U L E S:
I ship from Poland.
I'm always very open to any reasonable offers because I want all my things to go
Please make an offer but priority goes to the buyer who can pay full price
I don't smoke and don't have any pets
Prices are in USD with shipping included to Europe, if you are a buyer outside of EU, please add 5$ to the price
This time the buyer has to cover PP fees. So I'll add 5% of the price to your invoice. Or you can send me money as a gift to me to avoid paying PayPal fees.
I ship with Priority Mail as soon as I can after receiving the payment
I'm not responsible for lost packages, so no refunds

of Ownership!

~ i t e m s:

1. Bijou Brigitte black necklace/choker

Description: New and unworn. I bought it a long time ago in Bijou Brigitte and kept in my jewelry box since it's a really beautiful piece. It's made of a velveteen tape and delicate lace + black chains and beads. The total length with the adjustable chain is 39,5cm.

Price: 20$ 16$ SHIPPED IN EU Sold, thank you!

2. GLP rose lace choker

Description: New and unworn, a simple, elegant choker from GLP. The lace is very delicate,
with black velveteen roses. Closed on buttons. Total length is 40cm.

Price: 12$ 9$ SHIPPED IN EU

3. Bodyline arm covers

Description: Worn once with a dress that has been stolen from me. They were an accessory. I wore it one more time without the dress also, they can be an element of a nice gothic outfit since they are simple and elegant. The lace is also very beautiful. It's an old Bodyline piece. They are in excellent condition, just the little elastic things shown on the last photo can be a bit stretched.

Price: 10$ 8$ SHIPPED IN EU

4. Ouji/kodona Alice and the Pirates "replica" set

Description: I really didn't know this was a kind of Aatp replica when I was buying it, I found out just now, really. I paid 200$ to have this custom made and I must say it's made perfectly and looks exactly like the Alice and the Pirates version. The jacket is totally new since it's a bit to big for me because of my small chest. I ordered the whole set in a M size but usually I have to buy tops one size smaller than the bottoms. The pants had been worn a few times, still in very good condition. They are high-waisted with 3 buttons and pockets in the front and on the back. They are knee-length, please look on the pictures for details. The jacket is long-tailed and has a kind o satin lining. As you can see - it has pockets in the front and 3 chains attached to buttons. I have lost one of the "thingies" to attach the chain to the button, I really don't know how. You can easily get a new one. I also changed the buttons from the original ones to silver rose buttons. I think this looks even nicer.
I'm going to miss this set very much since this is one of my best ouji set's but as I said I'm not completely satisfied with the size so it's time to let go.

The measurements for the jacket are: 83cm length, up to 78 waist, up to 90 bust
Measurements for the pants: 72cm length, up to 92cm hips, up to 72 waist

Please be aware that all my measurements are amateur, they can be +/- 2cm different

Price:  For the whole set I'd like to get 125$ -> 100$ SHIPPED IN EU Sold, thank you!
I could maybe sell the pants and jacket separately but I prefer keeping it together.

If you don't like the price, please feel free to make an offer!
All prices are negotiable!
Cash is here really needed right now ><

T h a n k i e s!
Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand

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