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Angelic Pretty Mega Closet Clean out...Milky Chan 4 items, Strawberry bolero, Vanilla Chan coat lav

 Hey Ladies, 

here are some items which I want to sell because I think I have sweet stuff enough....or I have more than double of them

 I ship from Germany
please add shipping cost 
I don´t ship without tracking and insurance
I my house lives a chihuahua
I am not responsable for lost or damaged packages
Person who can pay direct, the full amount AND leaves paypal gets priority
Not HOLDS and TRADES right now, thank you
Lets start with AP Milky Chan Series
Cut sew  size eur xs- s  
price 30,- euro 
plus shipping:
internationals : 5,50 €
Germany 4,00 €
Condition: 2nd hand but very good 3 from 5
Milky chan Skirt   SOLD
Measurments from hellolace here 
price 100,- € 
plus shipping:
international : 7,- €
Germany: 4,-€
Condition: 3 from 5 because I am not sure where the removable bow is, I will do my best to find it but I can´t promis
I got the chance to get 2 dresses so that´s why I am selling this pink skirt
Milky Chan Necklace SOLD
price 35 ,- € 
plus shipping:
internationals : 5,50 €
Germany: 4,00 €

Condition: 4 from 5 
good, now damages, got 2 of them  don´t need them both 
Milky Chan Ring
Price : 14 ,- €
plus shipping:
internationals : 5,50 €
Condition: 2 from 5
Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Knit Bolero
Price ; 60,-€
plus shipping:
internationals : 5,50 €
Germany : 4,00 €
Condition: 3 from 5

bought it second hand but I have nothing with strawberries to match with

Vanilla Chan Coat Lavender Size M
Measurments from hellolave here:

Price: 220 ,- € 
plus shipping:
ATTENTION: because of its weight it s a bit more , but I think you understand that your coat wants to come save and quick to you and needs a special care during shipping!
International: 17,- €
Germany: 4,- €
Condition:  3 from 5 
I am more with fawns than with cats so it need a nice and cosy home
Please comment only if you´re willing to buye something...thank you!!! 

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