Lump Lingered (milkteamilk) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Lump Lingered

WTB: Nice blouses!

Feedback here:

I have come to the realization that I have very few nice Lolita blouses, and I need to fix that!

So, I'm looking for nice Lolita blouses, such as the kind that are mean to be worn with skirts, that is to say opaque, made-for-Lolita blouses, nothing all-over fully-shirred, not one of those "well, it's acceptable under a JSK" type blouses. I prefer brand blouses, but am also interested in nicely made handmade, Taobao offbrand, or other blouses. I'm not really looking for loliable blouses bought from department stores. 

Colors: Offwhite, cream, white, or black

Style: rounded peter pan collar preferred, high necked or square necked also nice. Prefer a button up, but a cutsew might be nice! Short sleeves preferred!

Size: must easily fit a 36" bust and a 30" waist.

Price: I'm looking to fill some voids in my wardrobe so I'm sort of looking to get some blouses on the cheap. I'm hoping to grab some for around $40 or $50. Cheaper is better, hoping to pick up some lucky pack leftovers! But, if it's a particularly nice blouse I will definitely consider spending more on it!

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